EA Sports: 'Why FIFA 13 Won't Have Dodgy Refereeing Decisions'

NowGamer: FIFA 13 producer David Rutter explains why the franchise thrives on realism - but draws the line at referee errors.

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FlashXIII2335d ago

Hear the same thing every year.. amount of times defenders bring players down in the box and no penalty is given.. or how about when you're on the ball and the player tackles you yet they get a free kick? Ref decisions in Fifa 12 are the worst I've seen in a football game in the last 12 or so years.

--Onilink--2335d ago

true, referees suck in Fifa 12. CPU kicks the shit out of you and they never call a foul, you barely touch the CPU player and its a guaranteed foul

The_Devil_Hunter2335d ago

AMEN to what you both just said, every freaking time Im attempting to go on a perfect winning campaign in career mode with my VirtualPro we get shafted by the friggin' referee and his "you touch them I give red card, they touch you they get a warning"

sprinterboy2334d ago

Had the occasional problem with the ref but no where near what u guys are stating, maybe I tackle properly. You do no you cant tackle from behind in football etc, u must be american