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Games Xtreme finally manages to get out of Gransys and presents our Dragon’s Dogma review!

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rataranian2336d ago

I wish this was multiplayer. I would have gotten it day 1. But I'm going to wait on it now for the price drop.

Darth Gamer2336d ago

This is the first game in a very long time (and I'm talking a few years) that I think about constantly and can't wait to pop in again when I'm not playing. Your making a big mistake waiting on this one!! The game is incredible and even though it doesn't have traditional multiplayer, it does have a sense of multi with the pawns that you use in your party. Plus, if your looking at it in terms of length, your atleast looking at 50+ hours. Simply put, it's a fantastic game. Just look at what people that are playing the game are saying about it. Don't pay too close attention to the so called "professional" reviewers.

rataranian2336d ago

Oh I agree it's awesome. I've played it. I'm going to get it for sure. But playing it with my friends would make it so much better.

Reborn2336d ago

This is the one game, that if Capcom could get DLC right. I mean, not locked content, but actual planned out DLC content. It would be amazing. The experience of being out at night is one I wont forget on this game.

Those Drakes man...

rezzah2336d ago

Just killed my first one today!

Crazy how long it took to kill it too, used so many grapes for healing.

Darth Gamer2336d ago

It's funny how you said it took a long time to beat the drake cause I have a friend who faught his first Cyclops the other day and I don't know why, but he said it took two day and night cycles in the game to bring it down. Thats a pretty damn long time!! I was laughing my ass off.

Well, It's 9:30 at night and the kids have finally been put to bed so I'm off to start some adventuring. DD, Here I come!!!

Reborn2336d ago (Edited 2336d ago )

I carry a pack of Potent Greenwich around with me all the time. Coupled with Mushrooms.

When I hear.. Drake. I know it's going down. The Archhydra damn.

Took me a while, but I think I could wipe it out in few mins. Especially with a powerful sorc.

@Darth LOL. Just aim for its eye, and get an enchant with fire. It's literally dead. POSSIBLE SPOILER---- It's the crazy thing in the Ancient Quarry. I took it on when I was far too low. But I wanted to complete that quest.