UPDATED: Sony cuts French PlayStation Vita price... temporarily

The price of the PlayStation Vita will be cut by €50 from June 1st in France, Sony has confirmed.

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Akuma-2424d ago

It's a rebate offer which ends mid July

Stuart57562423d ago

I know what it is. Statement remains true, I Paid £240 for mine!

Titanz2424d ago

Good for the consumers, nonetheless.

lars2thev2424d ago

There is still no source, only a quote which everyone can make. Give us a link to the quote, his Twitter or Facebook account where his quote stated, his blog or a website which has the source.

jdfoster2424d ago

The source is Sony... This is MCV.... Not like a blog... This is also being reported on VG247..... Read it before you report.... (said at the bottom "details coming shortly" then once they got information they edited it!

lars2thev2424d ago

I don't care if you're MCV, I don't even know your site. If there is no noticeable source, how should we know this is real?

yewles12423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

It's for 6 weeks, and it's France only...

EDIT: MVC got it already done...

Sanquine902423d ago

I think sony is testing it. When the price drop increase sales sony announces a global price cut. No im not waiting for a price drop. I already own one and it is a blast:D

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