Ideas to make Black Ops 2 4V4 zombies mode work

Product-Reviews writes: Such a mode is a massive shake-up for the traditional four-player zombie mode that we’re used to seeing and it means that these two teams will have to fight over things like weapons on the wall, perk machines and maybe even the mystery weapon box as well. This idea would obviously require a massive map, as you would have eight-players on the map at once, along with a legion of zombies running after you. It’s already been confirmed that Black Ops 2 zombies will use the same engine as multiplayer, so perhaps this all makes it possible.

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danswayuk2332d ago

Black Ops 4 player was good, but looking forward to bigger maps with more people and zombies in Black Ops 2.

tr00p3r2332d ago

Nice to see them trying to mix zombie mode up a bit, finally. Eight players should be great fun.

DJLB21152332d ago

once u pass certain levels or get a set number of kills, u should be able to call in killstreaks. imagine a gunship cutting down the enemy team as well as hordes of zombies? epicness...

supraking9512332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

ummm this mode will just be a copy and paste of Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City but in first person and with alot more zombies. DUH

Winkle922332d ago

Sounds like an improvement to me...

gazgriff2k122332d ago

all i want is host migration and the ability to join a match that's already started. i don't care if its 8p co-op or 4v4. bigger maps yay more zombies yay future weapons hell yeah.

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