Darksiders II development influenced by fan feedback

Darksiders II development has been influenced by community feedback of the original game. That’s according to Vigil Games creative manager Jeremy Greiner, who says fan reaction to Darksiders has played an important role.

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Blaze9292333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

Call me crazy but I don't think the 'fans' asked for a switch in the main character for the sequel...I mean if anything that's the biggest reaction....that fans didn't ask for...

Captain Qwark 92333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

still though, death is pretty sweet. and they are prob just referring to gameplay tweaks.

that said, im glad they have added so much, DS was a near perfect game to me so finding as many positive changes to the game is impressive to me. it will still feel like a darksiders game overall but there are enough tweaks now to make it still feel fresh. something these few series never did....

uncharted 1-3
halo 1-reach
gears 1-3
morrowind to skyrim ( it actually got worse )

etc.. you get the point. few games tweak the formula enough to justify a sequel, this did. awesome job. ( a few that did, batman AA-AC, demon souls-Dark souls, and now this )