Spectrum Crunch - Are we running out of Bandwith?

This week, Extra Credits discuss a major bandwidth problem we're about to run into.

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OneAboveAll2385d ago

How about calling that old lady who lives in Sweden and has all the internet in the world?

Tired2385d ago

Didn't realise America still used crappy uhf. Started getting worried till I realised we've already solved it in the uk. Phew!

Moncole2384d ago

I have unlimited bandwidth.

Awesome-Xanto2384d ago

Did you even watch the video? I'm thinking no... it's not talking about you in general but the world. Having unlimited bandwidth isn't going to do you any good if there is no bandwidth available for you to use.

This is one of the reasons why data caps are far more common now, and this is what will really hurt a digital future and a reason why I don't think digital will fully take over any time soon. Plain and simple we have become to reliant on the internet for simple things we really don't need it for.

Moncole2384d ago

WHy would I comment and not watch?

Awesome-Xanto2384d ago

Then why post something irreverent. Clearly you didn't understand then.

JohnApocalypse2384d ago

I didn't know Bandwidth existed before watching that video