Next gen Pro Evolution Soccer to use Kojima's Fox Engine

Konami is looking to the Fox Engine for the next generation of Pro Evolution Soccer as it seeks to avoid the slump it found itself in when the series moved to HD consoles.

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Titanz2425d ago

They'll probably announce a new feature called, "stealth tackle."

And I if see this game on the Wii, then I'll know Mr.Kojima is full of it, because he was quoted saying that his engine wouldn't be suitable for the Wii U (which is bull plop).

Nate-Dog2424d ago

Well Nintendo said just after Kojima's unveiling of the Fox Engine that they were in the process of asking KP about getting all future multiplatform titles on Nintendo consoles too, so things can change.

This news is kind of strange though, at least it is to me.

jc485732424d ago

can't wait to try their fox engine built games.

Raoh2424d ago

Nice, kojipro must of built one hell of an engine.

Oldman1002424d ago

Screw PES and Fifa, the Redcard franchise needs to make a comeback.

--Onilink--2424d ago (Edited 2424d ago )

mmm i dont really see this making much of a diference since it probably wont have visuals as pretty as other games using the engine. Well at least i suppose so, because i've always assumed that handling so many physics,AI, etc was pretty taxing and there wasnt as much power left for the visuals, so thats why soccer games have never looked as impresive as other titles

Not to mention, its gameplay that matters in a sports game, not the visuals