Countdown posted on Dead Space site

TVGB: It’s all happening in the world of Dead Space at the moment; what seems to be a countdown has just been posted on the game’s official site.

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Hazmat132330d ago

cant wait for dead space 3!

Greyfoxdbz2330d ago

Dead Space 2 on hardcore is the most frustrating yet fulfilling gaming experience of my life. Bring Dead Space 3 on.

user54670072330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )


Hell Yeah

"Dead Space 3 is expected to have two player co-op"


Oh crap


Winkle922330d ago

I heard in one of the interviews I think, that in co-op, one person is Isaac and one person is a projection of his insanity. That way they are keeping the immersion and realism of the series while allowing for two players. And I think thats a good way to do it, if they are going to do it at all. At least it shows they value the story as well. Imo.

user54670072330d ago

For me it just shows you they are taking RE5s approach.

DS2 was getting too close to action but still managed to keep the scares from the first DS. Like RE4

But I feel this will go the way as RE5

All it shows me is that survival horror games and single player games are dying out