The 10 best PlayStation aliens

From Mass Effect to Lost Planet, here are the 10 best PlayStation aliens. Sometimes they’re nice, sometimes they’re nasty. One thing is for sure; they’re everywhere.

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sloth33952334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

Krogan isnt a playstation alien it was first on the xbox so with some of the others being on more then 1 platform so it should say best playstation aliens

hardandsloppy2334d ago

Yet it's okay to add games coming out on multiple systems in "Top 10 360 Games of 2012"

Raf1k12334d ago

It simply means aliens on Playstation. Exclusive aliens aren't implied at all which is why you get these lists for both PS3 and Xbox that have multiplats. A lot of people seem to have trouble understanding that.

sloth33952333d ago

it should just say top 10 aliens in games

OhMyGandhi2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

what about the Elites from halo?
or the aliens from "area 51", or "Prey", or "Half-Life"?

house2334d ago

last time i checked halo is an xbox exclusive...... -__-

SonyStyled2333d ago

no its multiplatform, i think there on the PC as well...... -__-

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