Could Multiplayer in Hitman Work?

Xbigy Games' Kamran Draeger writes:

"We were previously teased with an image, we believed to be a hint, for an upcoming multiplayer mode in Hitman: Absolution and while some are ruling it out at this point, IO just might have more up their sleeves than what we expect this E3."

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NYC_Gamer2429d ago

Can we have a pure single player game anymore?

kamruk2429d ago

I'm actually hoping the same, especially after hearing how GoW is making such a big push towards MP and with pure SP titles like BioShock suffering from online modes, I'd prefer to see purely polished AAA single player campaigns.

If Hitman were to get some sort of Multiplayer, I'd like it to be more cooperative than competitive.

-GametimeUK-2429d ago

There is room for both. Why not implement both as long as the game is of great standards in both departments? Multiplayer should not really be viewed in a negative light. Having more options is a positive :-)

DarkBlood2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

so your in favour of every game to have multiplayer even the ones that were singleplayer to begin with no single thought about multiplayer in the first place?

-GametimeUK-2429d ago

I am in favour of more content from my games. It isn't affecting the single player in any way so it shouldn't matter. As long as the multiplayer has substance and works then there is no reason for it to not be implemented.

Uncharted 1 was a great single player experience. It is known as a single player game. uncharted 2 came out with a multiplayer component which seemed natural and it turned out to be amazing and only helped enhance my experience. Heck, even if the multiplayer sucked or you just didn't play it, it really didn't matter since the single player was so strong.

Embrace changes that can benefit your favourite franchises. Even if it isn't what "you" want. There is an audience for multiplayer and it isn't disrupting your single player needs.

user54670072429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )


You know I'm not saying Naughtydog didn't have the skills and just relied on luck but they were lucky with Uncharted 2s multiplayer

It dosen't matter how good the studio or multiplayer is sometimes a game that gets an online takes off...or it flops

Uncharted 2 is one of those games which got lucky

I'm NOT saying Naughtydog just relied on luck because it is amazing and is very well balanced (before the 1.5 update), they are a talented studio, just some things despite what they are or who they are made by take off and some things fail

For example you might think online or co-op in Elder Scrolls would be amazing but long would suck and single player gamers would then have a ruined, once great, single player game

SKUD2429d ago

Multiplayer..............multi player EVERYWHERE.

BattleTorn2429d ago

I hate how multiplayer is invading every SP game.

I'm seriously considering not getting Far Cry 3 now, cause I hate the how the MP looks, and that their even doing it.

Mass Effect 3 MP now has more variationraces/classes, than SP has in its' sqaud mates.

The game publishers are wanted every one of there games to compete for the lucrative MP-market. And they don't stand a chance. I play SP games for SP - and I'll play MP games for MP. Simple as that.

deletingthis346753342429d ago

Yeah...for about 2 weeks, then it becomes a wasteland of rolling tumbleweeds and money invested only to accomplish nothing. Bah!

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