Is Sony Buying OnLive Rather Than Gaikai?

TheSixthAxis writes: We had pretty much assumed Gaikai would be the service Sony is rumoured to be buying but now we are hearing that it may be OnLive instead.

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Neko_Mega2330d ago

I would have gone with Onlive to, seeing how they seem to have more titles and a cool setup.

ginsunuva2330d ago

Onlive has a ton of support right now, and Gaikai only streams demos as of now - not full games.

But.... Gaikai's tech is much better working, and they are using Nvidia's Geforce Grid, which can mass-compute and distribute gpu power via kepler. Onlive needs a whole gpu per user, and it's much more inefficient, expensive, and has more latency.

If Onlive uses the Geforce Grid as well, which they should or else they will bankrupt, then Onlive will be amazing.

morganfell2330d ago

Considering Sony's relationship with Nvidia, the Gaikai move seems more logical. What is puzzling however is the MS issue with OnLive licensing Windows. Seat licensing is something thousands of companies do worldwide with Windows everyday. It is perfectly legal and under agreement with MS.

Now OnLive is using the same system with their users and MS has an issue? There may be something else behind their complaints.

Jamegohanssj52330d ago

If Sony is smart they will buy both companies, so they can work together. That way Microsoft still has some catching up to do. Don't let your opponent get anything. Take what is insight and invest with it.


xAlmostPro2330d ago

I love how people assume if it's not Gaikai it's OnLive.. Who said they ARE buying one of them?..

Maybe it's just a partnership with the Nvidia cloud service that's to come. Maybe they aren't buying any and just teaming up to provide a certain service..

Soldierone2330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

Why even buy it? Neither one is really a big name, all your really buying is their servers and any games they are offering. With PlayStation you could create your own servers, easily get all the same rights, and have a better name to push it.....probably at the same price.

If its the users they are after, well the only area they really need to work on is the PC users. Otherwise any PS3,and any Sony phone or tablet, auto becomes their "user" when they introduce it.

ChronoJoe2330d ago

I believe onlive probably also own some of the patents for this stuff pertaining to gaming? could be wrong. Would be decent to acquire. Obviously only pertains to how specifically their stuff works but I had heard they had some pretty nifty data compression algorithms / software that make this stuff a lot easier.

It's generally easier to acquire than it is to start from scratch. Onlive has gone through it's project life cycle, the initial startup of a project like that would have a heck of a lot, plus a technical hassle. It's worth the acquisition.

Similar to how facebook bought that photo application thing. Could have just made their own but their are advantages to buying what's established already.

Soldierone2330d ago

That makes sense, forgot about all the behind the scenes data things Onlive went through and probably has rights to. I was just curious why it was such a big deal to buy the company.

jukins2330d ago

tying onlive with the playstation name would surely bring in more subscribers and also entice current and future playstation owners to subscribe and im sure sony will use the onlive tech to stream their own games as well.

Patriots_Pride2330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

I hope they buy onlive.

adorie2330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

It should be PC/Mac/Mobile users that they are after as well as a catalogue of games, if that is the case, then OnLive would be the service to go with.

- A fair amount of brand recognition

- Plenty of games

- large, established infrastructure (guessing here)

Those would be the reasons I would be interested in OnLive.

I am thinking I would still go for Gaikai, but I am ignorant with regards to the "cloud" services in general aside from having tried both and Gaikai provides a better experience, Sony would be smart to push that instead of OnLive, while MS could also get in the game and buy whoever is left to bolster their 'cloud' plans.

joeyisback2330d ago

Onlive is better Gaikai is ok tho

Raoh2330d ago

Spit in everyone's face sony, buy them both.

archemides5182330d ago

get gaikai!!!!! it actually works well (even on my 3mbps dsl), u can play it in browser too, so cool

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