Square Enix's E3 2012 lineup

Square Enix has made its full E3 2012 lineup official today.

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RedDead2385d ago


Hopefully saving Versus for TGS. If they are not just 'hiding' it for E3

koehler832385d ago

I would love to see it, I really would. But at this point I honestly believe we'll see new consoles before we see that game.

Laxman2385d ago

To anyone that just reads this knob-jockeys comment then decides to believe him and/or not read the article themself; they actually have a good lineup, there are just a bunch of butthurt nerds angry that their beloved Final Fantasy Versus XIII is not showing itself.

Unlimax2385d ago

I'm shaking ◉︿◉ !!

MrWonderful2385d ago

It's been far to long on versus and they wanted to keep quiet. It will probably be there as a surprise announcement

jamstorr862385d ago

Square Enix are a joke of a company. First rule of business, keep your customers happy. I mean why waste all your resource on such crap like IOS and Android? its a fact that 70% of appas and games are no longer used after 3 days.

tweex2385d ago

I can't comment on whether that stat is right or not so I'll take your word for it.

However, even if the player stops playing after 3 days, they've already purchased it and SE makes money from it. I'm not saying I agree with the practice, but it is a way to generate income with a much lower initial investment.

jamstorr862385d ago

The stat is right :)

A lot of apps will try and make money through advertsising or from buying through additional content. I rarely buy a game on android, but I am likely to buy conetent once ive invested time in a free app.

the point im making is that they will potentialy make a much larger profit from a top console game than a mobile phone application. they are clearly not listening to their customer base, evident through their reluctance to remake ff7 or produc a game that we actually want.

Quare Enix are too busy trying to tell us what we want to play. It doesn't work like that. they are possibly the biggest let down of this generation.

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The story is too old to be commented.