Sony close to agreeing cloud gaming acquisition

In a move that will rock the next generation of console gaming, Sony is close to agreeing an acquisition of a high profile cloud gaming firm, MCV understands.

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DaThreats2331d ago (Edited 2331d ago )

Sony will own Gaikai
and we will now have could gaming gaming and saves! ;D
This also means we can play PC games if this is all on PS3!

Akuma-2330d ago

Playstation is the future and the future is playstation

inveni02330d ago

I would LOVE Gaikai on PS3, especially if the game I bought could just be streamed with the option of downloading. That way, I would never have to worry about disk space unless there are just some games that I want close to me :). Gaikai, imo, is better quality than OnLive with less ISP demands. This would be a super smart buy/partner for Sony.

inveni02330d ago

You know what would be even cooler? If the next generation of Playstation games ran on PS3 via this service. Sony would rule. Who needs new hardware? I see lots of potential there. Next-gen games for the price of PS+? Sign me up.

darthv722330d ago

that rumors started about onlive coming to consoles. I think its a good idea to use an existing platform to be the host to the cloud gaming feature.

It certainly cant hurt.

ChronoJoe2330d ago

Except Gaikai and cloud gaming isn't the future in any recent times. Cloud gaming will fail Sony like bluray has.

Low initial adoption rates and by the time it becomes potentially successful they'll have way more competition in the market than they can handle.

Just my opinion though. I would rather they focused on hardware and other services. Hopefully no one gets mad - then again this is N4G, so someone getting mad about something is guaranteed.

Shadow Flare2330d ago

Honest question, cause I don't fully understand cloud gaming:

All the computer processing is done with a powerful computer at THEIR end, and we are only streamed the visuals on screen.

Does this mean hardware is no longer an issue, and that the games we would be playing would be of the highest graphical quality that could possibly be achieved? And surely couldn't that work equally as well on the Vita?

If ALL the processing is done at their end, we would have console games like the highest spec PC games. And we'd still never have to upgrade hardware parts.

If this is the case, this is the future. Just imagine what a game like Gran Turismo 6 would look like. No more console purchases in theory. And in theory this would work on the vita, on wifi at least.

So is that right? Or have I got the wrong end of the stick with cloud gaming?

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ATi_Elite2330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

Sony may or may not buy Onlive!

I DO NOT see Sony buying Gaikai cause Gaikai has a bright future on Nvidia's GRID!!

Onlive on the other hand is struggling and is ripe for buying.

Sony is looking to get it's catalog of Games into the hands of PC Gamers because Microsoft at anytime can give the entire 360 catalog to PC Gamers. Plus iPhones and Tablets are killing Hand helds which are DEAD too!

It's the End Game for consoles my friends and console manufactures are looking to raise cash and what better way to do it than offering up those games to the Cloud!!!

The Future: Sony and MS use the Cloud through TV's, mobile devices, and PC's to sell games. No more selling hardware except for accessories Licensed through other manufacturers.

Next Gen TV's are already being built with Cloud Gaming support, Internet, USB ports, and motion sensing control.

Patriots_Pride2330d ago

It does make sense business wise for Sony to realease thier exclusive games on the PC.

Uncharted and Grand Tourismo sold a shitload on the PS3 can you imagine how much it would sell if it also was on the PC.

srcBFMVBMTH2330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )


But wouldn't people just buy it on PC if they could instead of the next Playstation? People wouldn't have any need for Sony's new console anymore if they could just buy the game on PC. It could help software sales but it would actually end up hurting Sony's hardware sales. I doubt that Sony would do that to their own console. I think getting some PC exclusives on the next Playstation is what they're aiming for.

Bob5702330d ago

I think you are forgetting that within a couple of console generations, graphics will be about as good as they will ever get. So any perks that cloud gaming can add graphically, will be minimal. Microchips will continue to get faster and cheaper to produce, so getting all that power into customers homes won't be a problem.

Then we have the issues of internet connections like connectivity and being able to stream in 1080p, depending on the servers being up all the time, hoping that they will have enough power to run the game for everyone when a huge game releases, and worst of all, input lag/latency. There is no way for them to get rid of latency when streaming games. If cloud gaming becomes the only way to game, I will quit gaming because of latency alone.

Stewie2k82330d ago

You seriously Never stop talking bull crap do you? stfu with the end of consoles crap you pc elitist pig -_-

KwietStorm2330d ago

You again? Its nothing short of hilarious how much you comment on console articles. Your SLi setup fried itself or what?

ChronoJoe2330d ago

Your suggesting Sony, a company founded, and still invested primarily in the production of hardware practically packs in and starts focusing on software and services?

Delusional. They're not even in a position to make the move your suggesting. If anything that type of thing would co-exist as a lower-market share of local gaming and games consoles. Primarily because no one has the network for this right now, the latency is too significant and it's not resolvable even by hooking everyone up with fiber optical 50mbs lines, the latency is still present, a technical constraint that makes a lot of games borderline unplayable on a cloud.

decrypt2330d ago

Fortunately the end of console gaming looks near. Not many of the console exclusives are worth playing. The few that are if those made it to the PC, Many people would no longer see a reason to own a console.

Also it will be favorable for MS and Sony not to have any of their own hardware as its a loss making process for them and waste of resources plus it holds the industry back.

dcbronco2330d ago

I think you might be right about the console thing. The coming generation being the last or next to last. We're already reaching the point where the graphics don't have much more room to grow. Photorealism in shooters ain't going to happen. And since console makers make the majority of their money from software sales, why not own a platform that makes almost every device a console. Phones, TVs, tablet. Even cars are getting display screens now.

I still prefer to be able to play offline. Though with smaller and more powerful processors, you still could play offline at a lower resolution.

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Captain Tuttle2331d ago

I bet this is how Sony will handle backwards compatibility for PS4 if the strong rumors of Sony dropping Cell is true

DA_SHREDDER2331d ago

If it's not Onlive then I don't care,

NYC_Gamer2330d ago

Gaikai would be the better option for Sony since that service is getting Nvidia support

DJLB21152330d ago

@da shredder

i feel EXACTLY the same way. if its not Onlive then Fluck it!! bring the disagrees, haters!

Persistantthug2330d ago

Why does it HAVE TO BE Onlive?

sinncross2330d ago

i have heard lots of people say that the Gaikai service experience is better then OnLive.

Either way, one of them is good enough.

2330d ago
adorie2330d ago

I've tried Bulletstorm on Gaikai, and I must say, while it wasn't nearly as sharp as my display can boast, it was good enough to play and I didn't experience much lag, either.

I'd like to see Sony acquire them and continue relations with Nvidia.

Jamegohanssj52330d ago

I've been saying that. And what in the hell is Gaikai? They need to get Onlive since it is the most heard of in the states.

Wintersun6162330d ago

And how will that make my cloud gaming better, if more people in the States have heard of it? What a weird set of priorities. I've heard that Gaikai is better, so go with the better service.

DeadlyFire2330d ago

There are only 3 cloud gaming services in US region and global aims and goals. One is GaiKai, One is OnLive, and one is OTOY.

OnLive is the only established one with a game library at the moment, but OTOY has 2012/2013 launch plans.

Gaikai plans to branch away from just game demos into full game service like OnLive at some point, but has not said anything official.

OnLive is the only company that has said they would partner up with anyone as well. So OnLive holds a big chance of being the one, but we won't know til later.

ChronoJoe2330d ago

The only one of these companies that's for sale at this stage is onlive. Onlive was built purely to be sold, can't see it being any other of those listed.

dcbronco2330d ago

Onlive was launched with the hope of the tech being licensed for other uses. I could see Sony using this for more than gaming. It would allow for HD streaming of movies too.

I would really like to see someone start an ala carte streaming cable service.

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house2330d ago

interesting i never saw it like that but if your right this = win for everyone

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Shanks2331d ago

Shouldn't this be tagged as rumor?

Fishy Fingers2330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

I hope this happens, if only to watch all the u-turn comments/opinions.

house2330d ago

i never had a problem with it as being an option but as far as it being a stander i would hate but i wouldn't mind having it for games like journey, pixel junkin and small psn games like that

SilentNegotiator2330d ago

I'm not pulling a U-turn. I'll abandon Sony instantly if they go to all streaming next-gen.

RememberThe3572330d ago

I can't u-trun. My internet is still too shitty. I can't seven steam Netflix better than Medium SD.

jamstorr862330d ago

@NYC_Gamer Onlive also has Nvidia support, since basically the games are just running on custom made gaming server rigs in a data center somewhere? Then sent using an adapted RDP protocol across the net.

NYC_Gamer2330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

I mean this:GaiKai/Nvidia GeForce Grid

jamstorr862330d ago

So all it is then is that Nvidia have invented a nice GPU to be used. However, this will only limit the latency within the locality. You still have to contend with the latency experienced across the WAN.

However, I suspect that Gaikai is probably more suitable for a Sony take over since they don't use and end devices. Onlive has already distributed end devices, and so if Sony were to take over, it would suggest that these end devices plus the existing subscribers using PCs and such would then lose their service?

yesmynameissumo2330d ago

@ jamstorr86

I see it in the same sense as PS Certified Android devices. If Sony were to acquire OnLive, they could simply certify the device as a PlayStation device and move along. Why kill a revenue stream?

CarlosX3602330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

@yesmynameissumo I doubt they'll remove the "OnLive" brand. I think it will be used as a brand for the internet, while devices supporting it will bear the PlayStation name.

If this is "Gaikai" then I see the same happening.

@jamstorr86 I think that Sony can rename the current OnLive MicroConsole to PlayStation MicroConsole, or OnLive PlayStation. Either way, I think they're after the people behind the venture. Companies buy other companies because they have the expertise in the area.

Sony wants to enter cloud gaming, but they don't have the means or resource to do so.