ZTGD | Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Review

Ken McKown writes: Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is a prime example of a game that when it works, it is brilliant. The series has always been known for its tactical panache and realism, but Future Soldier takes that down a notch and strives to feel more like a summer blockbuster than previous entries. What we end up with is a mixture of old and new ideas that don’t always correlate the way they should, but when they do it is magical. Whether you are trudging through the campaign solo or co-op, or just mowing down friends online; Future Soldier is an entirely different beast than the games we have come to know.

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DA_SHREDDER2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

How can the game have any considerable amounts of brilliance and get only a 7/10? lol, gesh whatever. Guys listen, this game is freakin sic, easily up there with the best of them.

@NYC, don't base this game for anything other than a standalone title. I for one hated Graw 1 and 2. This feels alot more like Army of Two and R6V, I love it. I hope they make another.

NYC_Gamer2384d ago

Because the game is dumbed down compared to the originals....It's not a real Ghost Recon game just another shooter aimed at the mainstream...

WolfLeBlack2384d ago

We've also got to take into account, though, that Future Soldier is a new sub-series in the Ghost Recon franchise, and ergo doesn't have to follow the same gameplay styles as the previous games. It's not a sequel to GRAW in the true sense, nor to any of the other Ghost Recongames. As the review says, this is a new beast. The fact that it has Ghost Recon is simply because it's set in the same universe.

It's sort of like Halo Wars. It might have the Halo name, but it's a different style of game altogether.

So in this case, how do you judge it? I say judge it on its own merits, as its own game, since that's what it really is.

That's just my view on it anyway. And yes, I've played every Ghost Recon title in the franchise ;)

Hueynewton20122384d ago

Listen i was a GR PC junkie and played damn near all the mods and multiplayer. I still love this game and frankly it wouldn't make sense for Ubisoft to make PC only GR like the first one because it wouldn't sell. These companies are in business to make money. GRFS multiplayer is outstanding and the single player takes thought and tactics. I have been waiting for a third person shooter that delivers on the military end all generation and finally i'm having fun with this game. Between this and Max Payne 3 this generation has finally delivered for me at the end of its cycle awesome third person shooters with good single and multiplayer.