New Hitman: Absolution E3 Trailer Revealed

FanCensus says: "The time has finally come for Square Enix to reveal the latest trailer for Hitman: Absolution. The game will launch globally on November 20th for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Expect to hear plenty more on this graphic title at E3."

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Pandemic2333d ago

Dayum, what a brutal trailer.

Crazyglues2333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

OMG!!! That was so BadAss... Wow, Loved it -Hitman I'm sold already just get that game out...

This trailer was Awesome, one of the best Game-trailers this year, Looked Amazing -Love the way they mixed Real life with CGI that just looked amazing...

If you never saw the Movie you should check it out, it was pretty good, it came out in 2007 -

If you never saw it, then it's A Must See now that the new Game is coming out


Krugsy2333d ago

Agree that this trailer looked great. The whole dominatrix nun thing was pretty strange but still kinda fits in with the occasional kink that shows up in most Hitman games.

Wholeheartedly disagree about the movie being good though. Decent action movie, terrible Hitman movie. Olga Kurylenko was hot though :)

SuperLupe2333d ago

One on my favourite series last gen, finally back !

Hayabusa 1172333d ago

Dude, it's a decent trailer, end off. No need to get carried away by actually believing the film was "pretty good".

Crazyglues2333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

@ Hayabusa 117

If you look at it as a movie yes, but if you look at it more like a TV series or Straight to DVD film -it's not that bad..

Especially when you consider most video game movies suck really bad... imo this was no where near as bad as others I've seen.. so to me it was not that bad, but I did have the bar set really low since video game movies usually come out really bad.

do I wish it came out more like- the Professional - sure that would have been a BadAss hitman movie, but to say what they did was really bad, is not fair.

I think you underestimate how hard it is to make a really good movie based off of a video game.

IMO.. I thought it was a decent attempt.. they tried.


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BlmThug2333d ago

That was ... Beautiful :O amazing year for games peeps, its like every year it gets better

Walker2333d ago

OMG, so brutal ! those women ...

Snookies122333d ago

That was an awesomely brutal trailer, yet I'm not sure how I feel about it completely... With all that going on, taking on all those attackers at once felt a little out of place in a Hitman game where generally blending in and stealth take precedence if you're going to be a "Silent Assassin".

Crazyglues2333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

I agree with you, but I think they were trying to show that it's also can be full blown action if that's what you want to do, if you notice he starts killing them quietly but then get's spotted and then he just goes guns blazing.

So you can go guns blazing -just hitman style... LoL

I really like that trailer.. wish the movie could have been that brutal that would have been amazing, would have gave the movie a whole different feel, like a saw movie (like OMG! this guy is a killer), maybe if they make a part 2 to the Movie..

Nothing too crazy, but you want to get a feel of just how serious this professional Hitman is, and give a feel of just how real it gets, because too me the movie just felt a little to soft for a hitman trained to kill since birth. -So I Loved this trailer


Motorola2333d ago

I think this trailer shows you can go stealth, guns in blazing, or a mixture.

Asgaro2332d ago

And that's the problem!
If you went in guns blazing, you shouldn't be able to survive.
That's the whole point of Hitman games. The protagonist is vulnerable and needs to kill his targets in sneaky ways.

Tomonobu Itagaki2333d ago

Brutality, action, explosions, badass...
Everything we don't want to see in a Hitman game. Great.

Tomonobu Itagaki2333d ago

Yay, but there was boobies in the previous Hitman, so I'm ok with that.

Krugsy2333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

Ummm, the other Hitman games actually had brutality, action, explosions and were badass.

But I get your point, there does seem to be a greater focus on the action aspect of Hitman over the stealth aspects.

Nunchez2333d ago

Well they did say the trailers will be more action-oriented.

VanguardOfCalamity2333d ago

Hail Mary, full of grace... err gun holes XD - sweet trailer

Convas2333d ago

Lullz, Lullz, Lullz XD

+1 for the laugh haha

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