DIehard GameFAN: Ten Thoughts on… the Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Demo

DHGF: love Steel Battalion. Let’s get that out of the way up front. The game is by no means the most mechanically sound mech game on the market, for consoles or otherwise, but it does an excellent job of making the player feel like they’re piloting a giant mech. Part of this, of course, comes down to the ridiculously large controller the game comes with and its forty or so buttons and three pedals. The controller itself was incredibly fun to play with and really helped to sell the game experience, and the game was tailored around being immersive, to the point that you had to go through an extensive startup sequence to begin your missions, and if you died in battle the game deleted your save. In short: while Steel Battalion was not without its flaws, it was designed with the idea in mind of attempting to really make the player feel like they were piloting a mech, and it succeeded fairly well at this. Well, Capcom’s giving the series another try with Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, but...

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Dlacy13g2424d ago

The demo definitely is no cake walk. 1st time out I was blown to hell on the shore of the beach... 2nd time I completed the mission as with the 3rd time. Each time my crew seemed to have different reactions to my tactics...1st time pure panic as I struggled with knowing where to go, who to attack...honestly I felt the panic of the beach landing. 2nd time not a panic in the cockpit but the crew was definitely on edge as a made a few early mistakes... 3rd time we were a well oiled machine.

As for Kinect, I will say this....if you are trying to play this seated on a couch this game most likely isnt going to work properly. All who have enjoyed the demo seem to be doing it from some kind of high back chair that keeps their posture stable and upright allowing the sensor to better judge the depth of your hand placements.

This game is a day one for me. I very much enjoyed the 1st Steel Battalion and after the demo feel this iteration is going to equally as fun.

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