Analysing The Leaked Logo And First Screenshot Of Dead Space 3

Earlier today, the first screenshot and logo of Dead Space were supposedly leaked to a voracious public. OnlySP analyses each to glean what meagre details are to found within them.

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Stuart57562331d ago

Oh no, the fonts the same.

Hellsvacancy2331d ago

Ans so Isaak, i hated the look he had in DS2, i much preferred the rusty look he had in the first game

ninjahunter2330d ago

Lol, Watch, its actually a screenshot of deadspace 2.

Blacktric2330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

Seriously? 4 disagrees? It seriously makes me sad to see how flat out dumb some of you people are. Click the damn link. The screenshot from Dead Space 3 is at the bottom and it is not from 2.