Japanese Chart for Week Ending 13th January 2008

VGCharts reports for the week ending Jan 13th, 2008, hardware sales were down across the board:

DS: 99,718 (-67%)
PSP: 86,929 (-58%)
Wii: 75,898 (-66%)
PS3: 34,303 (-50%)
PS2: 14,352 (-58%)
360: 5,139 (-56%)

Total Software sales:

DS: 455,766
Wii: 288,954
PS2: 82,223
PSP: 81,406
PS3: 52,862
360: 23,013

Top 10 software sales for week ending Jan 13th, 2008:

1. Wii Fit (Wii) 94,545
2. Mario Party (DS)57,613
3. Wii Sports (Wii) 41,216
4. Professor Layton and Pandora's Box (DS) 26,207
5. Hajimete no (Wii) 25,760
6. Final Fantasy IV (DS) 24,527
7. Monster Hunter Portable 2nd (PSP) 22,175
8. Rune Factory 2 (DS) 20,159
9. Mario & Sonic at Bejing Olympics (Wii) 18,815
10. Mario Kart (DS) 18,479

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hella whip4672d ago

That makes the final weekly figures:

DS: 388,049
Wii: 224,017
PSP: 207,156
PS3: 145,707
Xbox 360: 132,996

shmee4672d ago

there are 3 ps3 games in top 30 according to Mediacrate

NDS - 14
WII - 8
PS3 - 3
PS2 - 2
PSP - 2
360 - 1


dont ever publish Vgcharts Japan figures cuz they are TOTALLY wrong

Cyrus3654671d ago


I mainly published it for the hardware numbers, we know VGCharts numbers are off, I think everyone does. It just to give an general idea.

But yeah mediacreate is offical numbers in japan, just like NPD are in the states, and GFk for most of europe.

akaFullMetal4672d ago (Edited 4672d ago )

wow, monster hunter 2 is still holding strong

Cyrus3654672d ago

it just shows nothing has been released of "Note" in the last little while.

It shall be interesting in 2 weeks what kind of SPikes 360 and PS3 gets in japan for DMC 4.

chrno64672d ago

I see a spike for only the ps3 though.

Darkiewonder4672d ago

Not expecting the same sales as DMC4 though.

jackdoe4672d ago

There should be spikes for both 360 and PS3 sales in Japan on the 31st, only the PS3 spike would be much larger than the 360 spike. And after the spike, the sales for DMC4 would probably slow to a crawl like normal.

Cyrus3654672d ago

2.2 They'll both have spike, it's likely have a bigger spike for PS3.

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wiizy4672d ago

wii should soon outsell ps3 by 4 to 1. .. more systems are coming by end of next month

XboxIsBad4671d ago

Hey, why don't you look at the PS3 lineup for 2008? The Wii won't even get close to PS3 sales.

Cyrus3654671d ago

Well I see PS3 doing better, we shall see if it sells as well as Wii machine. It all starts with the release of DMC 4...

LightningPS34672d ago (Edited 4672d ago )

We should just get the total global sales and that's all.

That's like 5 VG chartz stories all for 1 week.

1.Europe/others = (PS3 fans had their laugh)
2.All combined - (without Japan) =(360 fans had their laugh)
3.North American = (360 fans had their laugh)
4.All combined (with Japan) = (PS3 fans had their laugh)
5.Japan = (PS3 fans have their laugh)

Think of all the flamebait not needed, when they could just release one.

I guess the only different is that each one has that's region's software sales. But mostly it's just for people to get points on this site.

jackdoe4672d ago

You forgot the fact that Wii fans had their laugh for all five of those stories.

BobDog4672d ago (Edited 4672d ago )

i agree with you for once (im use to ur fanboy comments) , just world wide ones should be displayed,

but i must say worldwide sales exluding japan were closer then i thouht

masterg4671d ago


No no.. Wii fans never laugh.. Never go online, and never play their console after the first month,

v1c1ous4672d ago

wii is selling software?

even more than ps3+360 combined?

i mean 360 still had higher attach rate than ps3 in japan, but we all knew that


DrPirate4672d ago

You know? I found out tonight that Nintendogs sold 17 million...

My jaw was hanging.

I think the highest selling GTA was 14 million, and the highest selling Gran Turismo was 14 million, Nintendogs beat 'em both :(

BobDog4672d ago

this is what our world has come to... didnt know what nintendogs was, just youtubed it...

1 word came to my head when i think nintendogs 17mil WTF

Cyrus3654671d ago

Nintendo is hoping the Wii is the same success story, as the DS, and brings in alot of the casual people in.

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