THQ hopes to rekindle memories of Half-Life 2 with Metro: Last Light

THQ hopes to rekindle memories of the best story-driven first-person shooters such as Half-Life 2 with its own effort, Metro: Last Light.

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floetry1012384d ago

I feel like Resistance 3 took a LOT from Half Life 2, but in turn, it made it a much better game. It can only benefit the scale of Metro too.

wallis2384d ago

Last light is shaping up to be a worthy sequel - really hoping that the engine has seen a performance overhaul and that the AI is better. Also no more damn forced motion blur please.

And yeah it'd be cool if it did but half life's already had a massive impact and changed the way games were made well over a decade ago. Still it'd be nice to see a return to that quality of story telling it's just I kind of thought they achieved this even with the previous one. Escaping the Nazi (or was it fascist?) was a really cool scripted sequence.

mep692384d ago

It's a bold hope to make. No doubt i'll enjoy it. But not as much as Half-Life 2.