Five Ways Companies Can Avoid E3 Embarrassment

Most people think E3 only exists to show off the boldest and brightest innovations within our industry, but it offers many other possibilities -- namely, the chance for gaming companies to throw away thousands upon thousands of dollars on pure spectacle. Regardless of their financials, publishers will stoop to anything to generate red-hot E3 publicity, and this unfortunate trend has provided some of the most memorable travesties throughout the convention's short history. Sure, these public embarrassments give us website writers valuable material to hash and rehash ad nauseum, but what about those multinational, billion-dollar corporations? On that melancholy plane ride home, their representatives can't help but mull over their continued public humiliation and the slight decrease in density of the money piles they sleep on.

So what are the five ways companies can avoid E3 embarrassment?

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Don't Focus Just on Kinect and Casuals!