Of Orcs and Men - E3 2012 Trailer

Focus Home Entertainment released the official E3 Trailer of 'Of Orcs and Men'.

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Huwmor2331d ago

Yeah but you never know for sure. Turn your back for a second and it might be sucking off call of duty or something.

Dipso2331d ago

I just hope they choose some good voice actors for the two protagonists, the goblin's character design is fantastic.

I'm still a little worried this game isn't going to receive the polish time it deserves, the release date is set for September.

Huwmor2331d ago

How do these german sites get this stuff before everyone else?

OT:Looks pretty cool, but I don't understand who you play as? Maybe all of them by choice I assume?

Dipso2331d ago

Its a French production, so its mainly been previewed by European sites so far.

Your primary character is the Orc, you can switch between him and the Goblin to allocate specific attacks, use special skills etc, which is done by pausing the combat to issue commands prior to engaging the enemy.

I'm not sure about the two human characters, they may be entirely A.I controlled. Information has been very thin on the ground but I expect this to change after the games E3 showing.

Huwmor2330d ago

Thanks, very helpful. While I'm sure more will be shown at E3. A low profile game like this likely to get overlooked for some of the big announcements, but we'll just have to see.

Zha1tan2331d ago

Da Fuq did I just watch?

Dipso2330d ago

I have to say I'm very impressed with Spiders "Silk Engine", for a tiny team of only twenty people they've really done a great job. The best part about it is that its custom built based on Sony's Phyre engine so we can expect cross platform parity.

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