STN: E3 conference times and dates – We have you covered

STN Writes:

Are you excited for E3? Then you’ll be pleased to know that you’ll not only be able to watch a live stream of most of the conferences online, but you’ll also be able to watch things unfold on ShopTo, as we’ll be live blogging all of the major conferences.

We have listed all of the conferences below, where you can watch them and if we’ll be blogging them or not. If possible, we’ll also embed any live stream next to our blog, allowing you to watch the drama unfold and check out our witty banter at the same time.

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Agent_00_Revan2384d ago

Sweet! Looks like Everything is on Monday this year. With just Nintendo on Tuesday wrapping it up.

PopRocks3592384d ago

Nintendo's having two different shows though. Their actual E3 presentation and then their software presentation (I assume the latter will have all of the playable demos).

MacDonagh2384d ago

This is time for Nintendo to really show the capabilities of their latest console. Hopefully, it'll be better than the time they announced it last year and everybody was confused about it.

Y_51502384d ago

Smart thing to do for Nintendo going after the other two so there's no: *Sony: we are proud to announce that the PS3 will be now priced at two-hundred-fif...*Other Sony guy: Psst go with plan B the Wii U is priced at $250. Sony: *clears throat* it'll be priced at $200! This is just shown as an example I'm not sure how it'll play out if that was the case.

MakeBelieve2384d ago

Anyone know the time on june 4 for sony? Eastern time? Thanks!!

MakeBelieve2384d ago

Wouldnt let me edit, so Im replying to myself. I found out it june 4, monday, 8:30 pm eastern time. I am going to watch it via the playstation blog. Cheers!