No Multiplayer In Hitman Absolution

FanCensus says: "Sure multiplayer might be cool, but how would it work? Would it have to stray from its roots and become more of a straight up shooter?

Well the speculation can now end as it seems a multiplayer isn’t going to happen with IO Interactive practically confirming that there is no such option in the game posting on their official Twitter page, “We’ve heard people chatting about this. Today’s trailer is NOT related to multiplayer in any way. That’s a NO to multiplayer.”"


FanCensus says: "Seems we may have jumped the gun a bit earlier today stating that no mulitplayer would feature in the next Hitman game. Well it seems the Twitter message could be seen as just referring to the trailer scheduled for release later today. That isn't to say that a multiplayer is certain, it's just that for now at least there is no confirmation one way or the other. Hopefully E3 will reveal more next week."

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Snookies122425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

This gives me so much relief to hear. Hitman + Multiplayer = NO!

And this is coming from a strong supporter of multiplayer in games.


To me it sounds more like they are saying that this video is not related to multiplayer, not that ot won't happen... But I can be wrong, I'm no native english speaker, so I tend to mess up sometimes...

Anyway, as far as they really focus on SP, I don't care if it have MP or not.

shanethepornstar2425d ago

god of war multiplayer.. yah that'll work

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The story is too old to be commented.