Surgeons 'are better after playing Nintendo Wii'

The Daily Telegraph, by Nic Fleming, 16/01/2008:

Trainee surgeons will soon be practicing operations from the comfort of their sofas after a study found they performed better after playing games on the Nintendo Wii.

US researchers are designing software that will allow doctors to carry out simulated surgery using the Wiimote. They believe the software could help surgeons improve their skills by practicing at home, and play an important role in the medical education in the developing world where there is less access to expensive virtual training tools.

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Darkiewonder4670d ago

How absurd!

Trauma Center Promotions confirmed!

wiizy4670d ago

lol. i know all they need to do is play trauma center.. there are so many fresh ideas coming to the wii.. im just glad to be enjoying gaming

IntelligentAj4670d ago

I would rather much my surgeon practice on live cadavers than a video game. Just my opinion though.

BrotherNick4670d ago

lol...that's plain creepy...I don't think I could do it.

Prismo_Fillusion4670d ago

"Some surgeons also reported that drawing a star symbol in the air above the operation table actually slowed down time, allowing for easier surgery conditions."

The Wood4670d ago

maybe they were better just from actually having a BREAK from their stress filled work.

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