Japanese DS Flash Card reseller arrested

Nintendo of Japan has just released a Press Release, stating that the Aichi-based Police has arrested a seller and importer of Nintendo DS Flash Cards.
They have arrested the reseller, because of the Unfair Competition Prevention Act, established in December 1st, in Japan.

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yewles12334d ago

Death weapon's a little much...

MGRogue20172333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

I own the SuperCard DS TWO flashcard for my DSi, supposed to be the #1 'cause it can play snes, gba, sega megadrive etc etc.. roms, anything you want, really.. got a ton of DS roms on it too. :P

Flavor2333d ago

Thanks for validating the arrest of these guys, enkei, with your flagrant promotion of IP theft. Good job.

Dasteru2333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

Its not just about IP theft, I have an Acekard 2i but i have never downloaded any games that i didn't own the originals for and i don't plan on it. Flash carts are great to have for 2 reasons, backups and accessibility, both of which are legal. I'd rather carry around 1 cart than 20+

I also have CFW on my PSP which allows me to backup all my own PSP games using a program called Filer. It also happens to allow me to backup my retro collection and play them on the go which is a nice bonus.

YamiHoshi2333d ago

Are you sure you're Press?

frjoethesecond2333d ago

I use my m3 to try before I buy. If I like it enough to finish it then I buy it. Really the problem is people who enjoy the games and steal them without a second thought.

Qrphe2333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

Ironically enough, If I hadnt hacked my PSP last summer, I wouldnt be a current fan and owner of Persona, Ys and Valkryia Chronicles titles.

frjoethesecond2333d ago

Are you saying you bought those games after playing them for free? If so then major kudos. People who enjoy games they pirate but don't subsequently buy them are among the wolds biggest douchebags IMO.

Qrphe2333d ago

I did, there were so many games I wanted to play but I couldn't afford at the moment. Of course, there were also games that I even regret downloading (at least I didn't buy them).

DivineAssault 2333d ago

lol ppl like this is why companies like sony use proprietary memory & software just like sony & hike up the prices on it.. Sure eventually sm1 will find a way to hack it all but it takes longer