Far Cry 3 is "Assassin's Creed in First-Person with a Gun" - Ubisoft

AusGamers recently spoke with Far Cry 3 lead writer, Jeff Yohalem, to talk about their forthcoming shooter and how it differentiates itself from previous entries in the series, and other shooters out in the market.

"The first kill in the game is a big deal," he expressed to AusGamers. "And the first series of kills are a big deal. And the main character experiences dreams and hallucinations in which you relive moments from those. So it really affects his psychology and the island and the level-design is affected by his psychology.

"So this game is about what it takes to be a killer and we really looked at a lot of other games and saw how much killing was going on in them, and wanted to make a statement that killing shouldn’t be taken lightly."

The interview also touches on what the team have learnt since Far Cry 2, the fact that Vaas isn't the game's only psycho and much, much more.

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Snookies122334d ago

Assassin's Creed in first-person with a gun... So... An FPS?

devilhunterx2334d ago

So Mirror's Edge with guns?

ladybug72334d ago

title of this interview is so stupid....

billythepunk2334d ago

"title of this interview is so stupid..." it's verbatim to the interview

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