Big in Europe? PS3's Race for Second Place

Wired Game|Life, by Chris Kohler, January 16, 2008:

A week ago, Chris asked for some data to back up the commonly-held belief that "Europe is Sonyland" -- that is, the idea that PlayStation 3 is selling so well in parts of Europe as to render irrelevant the Xbox 360's lead in other countries.

No, Game|Life is not even talking about Wii at this point: This is about the furious race for second.

The results?

Game|Life has the most recent numbers for the U.S. (NPD Group), Japan (Media Create), the U.K. (Screen Digest), Australia (GfK), Spain (GfK), Germany (GfK), and Italy (GfK). Chris offers his take on the data.

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ktchong4668d ago

BUT Japan + Europe = Xbox 360's downfall

Jandre024668d ago

Does he mean the USA? LOL. I mean thats it. The US loves the 360 but thats all. In UK and Austrlia its a lot closer, then the rest of Europe PS3 is demolishing the 360.

mikeslemonade4668d ago

@ this article

Thanks for stating the obvious. The smart ones here on N4G have been stating this fact for almost 2 months already. Only the 360 fans that have short sighted minds can't see this.

bootsielon4668d ago

Japan alone does matter. Had the original Xbox been more successful in japan, it would have easily sold twice what it sold, not simply because of the extra install base in japan, but because it would have gotten significantly more japanese games, and therefore a shockwave of global sales. Japan alone DOES matter.

toughNAME4668d ago

I agree about Japan. Its a large market, but too small to compete with the other 2 giants.

But I would push it even further:

Can the console war be won in the USA?
I think it can

Should it be?
No because Americans are ignorant enough as is.

lawman11084668d ago

U.S. (LTD) (NPD Group)

Wii: 4,955,400

360: 7,022,900
PS3: 2,105,500

U.K. (LTD) (Screen Digest)

Wii: 1,190,000
360: 1,550,000
PS3: 450,000

Australia (Q3 / LTD) (GfK: Q1+Q2, Q3)

Wii: 61,027 / 167,565
360: 40,467 / 222,028
PS3: 27,533 / 82,261

Germany (LTD) (GfK)

Wii: 361,000
360: 316,000
PS3: 135,000

Italy (LTD) (GfK)

Wii: 129,000
360: 267,000
PS3: 150,000

Germany,Italy and England are in Europe right? World powers right? Going to tell me the PS3 out sells the 360 in Fuji now?

Ju4668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

^^ No, the console "war" (why war, why not "competition" or what), cannot be won in the US, not any more. The EU market is growing pretty big. A couple of years ago, it might have been different. In a couple of years from now, it will be decided in Europe.

Europe's market has a lot to catch up, it is currently on par with the US, but it should be about (almost) twice as big, if/when fully developed. None of the ex-eastern European countries is currently on a level of the other western countries. This will change. Poland alone will match Germany sometimes, like some others. Further more the EU itself will grow, which will eventually reach double the US size as a market. If you don't have a product there now, you (the companies) should consider to have one there within 5-10 years. (IMO)

That all is actually nothing, would China or/and India reach a western level in buying power - both which are not even in sight of any of those statistics (but that will possible take longer then 10 years).

That said, the US is still an important market, though. A couple of M machines a year. Who would want to miss out on that?

BTW: That article is, err, weird. They latest numbers they have are from September. Old news. They should have waited until the holiday numbers are available.

@above. Just to show how bad this comparison is and how really bad this was for M$ over the holiday season. These numbers are old, from September. Let's see, I use vgcharts as ref numbers but put them into context with the official numbers, because we all know they are not accurate.

So, lets norm vghartz to Gfk:
(this matches about what you have up there)
Sep.07 (360/PS3): UK: 1400K/330k, GER: 328K/140K, IT: 264K/137K
And now lets see:
Jan.08 (360/PS3): UK: 1900K/785K, GER: 411K/431K, IT: 346K/340K

Germany has fallen, Italy is a week away. I don't know. Looks like progress to me. (BTW: PS3-UK has doubled).

mikeslemonade4668d ago

The 360 proves that the console war just can't be in the U.S. I see the 360 being 3rd in this generation. Why can the 360 fans just accept that? They used the same excuses for blu-ray and look what happened.

diatom4668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

Considering the state of the US dollar compared to the Euro/Pound/Yen and the fact that all the consoles are sold at a premium outside of the US, there is a hell of a lot more profit (and customers) outside of the US then inside.

On games too...

(PS3's region free games pwn; I got raped by customs importing a US 360, most expensive single console EVER, a damn plane ticket to New York + X-Box 360 would have almost cost less..)

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Eclipse4668d ago

However The ps3 still i believe needs to smallen that gap in america.

it's really hurting the PS3 bad. It's the only reason why the ps3 has'nt completely dominated.

Hopefully, just like when halo3 boosted xbox360 sales by ALOT mgs4 will boost PS3 sales IN ALL COUNTRIES NOT JUST AMERCIA.


I think the ps3 should in 2008 after the killer apps relaese have a HUGE lead over the xbox360 in japan and europe.

In amercia they will be able to match atleast xbox360 sales and then dominate worldwide sales with the lead in other countires.

Some of you say that the ps3 needs ALOT of sales and needs to beat the xbox360 by more than twice every month to beat it and so and so.

Well my fellow gamers it can certainly happen. It's just in sony's hand wether they shoot themselves in the foot again or take the lead for the second time over MS in consoles.

SoulReaper4668d ago

If sales were like the 360 in Japan thats when ill be concern..The PS3 is actually putting on a fight and selling good here in NA, but hopefully it will be great!!.When more games is popping out..Sony still have yet to release their TKO exclusive games..

Kleptic4668d ago

haha yeah, smallen?

anyway...its going to be a wierd year in the US...MGS4 has been more or less confirmed to have "no more delays" it a ~April release, and its said to be within weeks for worldwide...MGS4 will be mover in all territories...but GTAIV is a big one also (although not so much in Japan)...

so...I think GTAIV and MGS4 may sway more people towards the PS3, if they haven't purchased either yet obviously...normal buyers are not aware of the DLC crap MS has going on (although hasn't the PS3 been confirmed to get its own DLC also?)...and not that a $400 PS3 is around, BD winning, and the fact that the buyer could play MGS4 and GTAIV within a month of each other...seems realistic to assume a lot of buyer may take this route...

but with that said...GTAIV will still move a ton of 360s in the US...not Halo 3 numbers...but the fact that the 360 is getting GTAIV; I think the PS3 will only marginally outsell the 360 around then...but even slightly outselling the 360 in the US, means it will be outselling it huge worldwide...

the end of the year is what to watch for though...Gears 2 being announced will be huge...and Gears 2 will easily take on KZ2, and possibly Resistance 2 at the same time without much of a sweat...but the rub is if Gears 2 makes it this year, and its not looking very likely...with Epic still picking away at a rumored exclusive PS3 title, and dealing with MS and the UGC problems for UT3...It is starting to seem less and less likely that gears 2 will drop this fall...

but Gears 2 is the key for the will most likely be a pretty horrid pummeling at the end of the year if there is no big title like Gears 2...there is no annonced game that has the system moving power of whats on the PS3's plate...and no announcments, make it even less likely to be coming this year...with Gears 2 though, the 360 will easily survive in the US and the UK...may not beat the PS3 like it did in 2007...but won't be nearly as bad as a lot of people keep saying it will...

ColdWinter4667d ago

i don't think gears of war 2 will be as successful as u claim it will be cuz i think resistance 2 will be better than all the other shooters out there and the only people that is gonna buy gears of war 2 are the people that bought gears of war one

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HarryEtTubMan4668d ago

The PS3 is barely ONE YEAR OLD. This SERIOUSLY has just begun. PS3 sales are going to beat the 360 by ALOT more than they are now in the future. Its going to grow more every year.

demolitionX4668d ago

When big names like KZ2, RFOM2, MGS4, and GT5 comes out. It will be a different story, all US will go PS3

Panthers4668d ago

If KZ2 is advertised properly and hyped enough (plus it needs to be a great game) then it will help here in the US alot.

I also think Socom will help. There are a lot of Socom players that will not buy a PS3 until Socom comes out.

Jandre024668d ago

I think it comes down to this. As of now, PS3 and 360 are about equal. PS3 better media device, 360 better games and XBL.

So if you go to the store, PS3 is the better item, but then you say.
"Hey, the 360 has same games, plus more games, XBL, and is $100 cheaper."
It also comes with two games.

With all this bad publicity the PS3 has gotten with bad ports and difficulty to program for, its hard for it to sell unless you have 100% confidence in Sony and its exclusives.

It just cost more, and RIGHT NOW, offers less gaming wise. I still think the PS3 is the best buy, and I enjoy COD4 every day. And I think the 360 will be obsolete by 2010. The PS3 will keep pushing the envelope for years to come.

wageslave4668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

"PS3 better media device"

How's that? Can you watch live TV with your PS3? I can with Windows Media Center. Can you play live Radio via the internet or radio-tuner card? I can with WMC.

Does the PS3 have the ability to operate as a PVR? I can with WMC.

Can you play movies from 3rd party downloads like what CinemaNow offers

When CinemaNow has HD movies that are Burn-to-DVD, will that wont be Burn-to-BR, it will be Burn-to-HDDVD... will the PS3 *ever* be able to play Burn-to-Disc movies from 3rd Parties?

The only multi-media advantage PS3 has: a default HD-movie drive. But, I've got a HD-DVD and plenty of life left in it (despite what the Sony fans on N4G wish, 35-40% of the movies on HD-DVD isnt "dead" yet...).

But, in about 24-36 months, an internal HD-DVD/BR drive will cost about $30-50, and we'll all have one in our PC. Will your PS3 be able to play the BR/HD-DVD over the network?

I will with my WMC.

The COMPUTER is the ultimate multi-media device, and Microsoft has VERY correctly chosen to operate in a connected ecosystem of intellignet devices instead of trying to lock everything away inside of a mandatory DRM'ed device like Sony's MPAA / RIAA divisions have with the PS3.

I prefer my game machine to play games, and be a player and front-end for my COMPUTER-based multi-media. Its a vastly more powerful method.


7 Disagrees eh? some of my post is speculative for sure, but what about my questions?

Can someone clarify? Is any of this possible - today - with a PS3? Because I've been doing this since Day 1 with my Xbox 360, Im curious if you can do any of this with a PS3 -- anyone care to respond as opposed to just fanboy-mod?

mikeslemonade4668d ago

That's because MS has more mindshare in the U.S. What you said was wrong because 40GGB PS3 is $400 and Xbox 360 premium is $350 with xbl it's $400. The average blind consumer doesn't see that. PS2 BC is overated and it's not needed by the average consumer. If Sony wrote $20 checks to PS3 owners to take out the BC chip and ship it to Sony so they can make PS2s I would do it.

heyheyhey4667d ago

wageslave you just don't give up on bullsh!t do you?

can you use divx files? can you watch the winning format in crisp 1080p? can you upgrade your hard-drive to store large amounts of films, tunes, photos and games? can you change the OS to access many more media applications? will you be able to watch and record live tv via an hd-ready freeview add-on? is all that stuff you mentioned going to be on the ps3 eventually?

give up- its over

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wageslave4668d ago

JPN: 360: 415,491
JPN: PS3: 1,169,666
U.K. 360: 1,550,000
U.K. PS3: 450,000
U.S. 360: 7,022,900
U.S. PS3: 2,105,500

Or, as I usually say, when someone says "Oh! Xbox 360 is dead in Japan", I always like to counter; "Not as dead as Sony is in the USA or UK".

Clearly, Xbox 360 is solidly in 2nd, there wont be much chance for Sony to catch up unless they do something really desperate and drastic -- maybe another price slash or perhaps taking out more features and releasing a machine that is further cut down in order to get a lower price.

Something, I'm sure time is passing far faster than Sony would like.

ForTheFallen4668d ago

"Something, I'm sure time is passing far faster than Sony would like."

The truth is the 360 running out of options. They're exclusives number in single digits for 2008 and people are beginning to understand what the better product is.

Plus, the bad publicity of XBL breakdowns will allow every Sonyfan to say XBL is unreliable. And the public will pick up on that regardless.

Think of it as an Supreme Commander. Xbox rushed with T1 units...But Sony teched up to T2. Though Sony has fewer units and less land, nothing can stop them once sony mobilizes...
Idk...I think I play Supreme Commander too often.

SoulReaper4668d ago

Are you seriously?? The PS3 is NOT dead at all in NA or UK..its selling millions!! they have a hard time here in NA but its still doing good..It sold the same amount like the 360 in its first year!!

Are you telling me 360 was dead in u.s since launch?? Dont answer with RROD i already know talkin about sales

CasualGamer4668d ago

Wageslave are you gonna defend for Xbox360 untill your last breath ? I was wondering have you ever said Billgate sh1t's aint stink ? I feel shame for yourself Wageslave. Eh I am no fanboy, I own no Video Game Systems just yet.