Monster Hunter 4, Resident Evil 6 Details Coming This Weekend

We've heard little about Monster Hunter 4 since its announcement, but that will change shortly. Capcom updated the Capcom Summer Jam official site today with notice of a Monster Hunter series stage for the weekend event. The stage will include the latest information on MH4.

Resident Evil 6 will also be in the spotlight as part of its own stage.

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Lord_Sloth3907d ago

PS3 and/or PSVita for MH4 please.

Ser3906d ago


Pleeeeease, Capcom.

Sanquine903906d ago

PS vita please !! I will pay $100 for it :) I dont care i want it on my vita.. Girlfriend always on the tv ... and i can not game in an other room because my girl wants to be cosy..

kamolahy3906d ago

Sounds like you need a new girlfriend.

Sanquine903906d ago

No , no new girlfriend(A) She is everything to me! Sex is a lot better than gaming:) ^^ And she is sweet to me!

Larry L3906d ago

Wait a minute. Is that a scripted skit using Monster Hunter 4's graphic engine, or was that representative of gameplay?

Because Honestly, I'm the biggest MH fan in the world.....well, maybe in the west........this video doesn't look like "Monster Hunter", it looks more like "Monster Avoider".

I don't know how any Monster Hunter fans could be excited for this crap. I'm not saying it's bad or whatever, what I'm saying is:

As a Monster Hunter fan, when I see the name Monster Hunter 4 and think of the potential that holds when looking at a few of Capcom's latest works like Dragon's Dogma and Lost Planet 2, then see this link and click it and see THAT video.............. I would like to SLAM MY HEAD AGAINST A BRICK WALL many times, roll up in a ball on the floor and just cry for about 47 hours, then go down to Capcom and find whomever it is that makes decisions concerning Monster Hunter and Johnny Cage punch him right in his RETARDED BALL SACK !!!!!,

WHAT THE **** ??????!!!!!!

C'mon Capcom!!! Why do you hate Monster Hunter so much that you would just let it become SO stagnant and meaningless just for "potential money", instead of giving this franchise the love and dedication it deserves to reach it's potential?

And how did that "potential money" work out for you when you decided to cancel Monster Hunter's next gen debut on PS3, where it could have started to reach it's potential because "PS3's too expensive to develop for whah whah" and instead put it on Wii because of it's install base?

Oh, that's right....there were PS2 and PSP Monster Hunters that damn near sold in a week what Tri has sold in it's lifetime.........idiots.

Can you imagine if they weren't idiots and actuall developed Monster Hunter 3 for PS3? Timeline wise it would have probably looked as good as Lost Planet 2. Instead they develop crap like Lost Planet, and Dark Woid and alot of other things that really went places........./sarcasm. Monster Hunter is too expensive to develop as a next gen IP, yet all that other crap you sell was worth the investment? Again.......idiots.

How any Monster Hunter fans doesn't have pure hatred in their hearts for whomever makes the choices regarding the Monster Hunter franchise at Capcom is beyond me. Nope......these people are cheering for MH on Wii, and cheering for ANOTHER PSP MH and CHEERING for Monster Hunter now on 3DS.


RedDead3906d ago

Monster hunter tri was quality. Don't let platform preference hold you back from quality games

AdvanceWarsSgt3906d ago

Umm, isn't Tri the best selling console MH to date? If it is, not sure why Larry L is trying to say PS2 MH sales > Wii MH sales

HarvesterOSarow3906d ago

Monster Hunter 4 will be different than Monster Hunter Portable 4. MH (number) are on Nintendo systems so far. MHPortable games, are on Sony hardware.

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daggertoes833906d ago

I really dont care about MH4 but if it gets the vita to move some units im all for it.

ljh2173906d ago

I thought Capcom is in some sort of exclusivity deal with Nintendo over Monster Hunter, making a PS3/Vita release unlikely?

If it's not true and Monster Hunter is released on the Vita and see's a western release, that would be the tipping point for me picking a Vita up.

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linkenski3906d ago

Monster Hunter 4 for 3DS only plz!

TheGameFoxJTV3906d ago

That's not even remotely funny dude.

Sanquine903906d ago

Hopefully not an exclusive! I will pay 100 bucks if it comes to the vita..

Ser3906d ago

Capcom loves money too much for it to remain 3DS exclusive. We all know it's true.

supraking9513906d ago

exactly thats why I believe Capcom will announce a Resident Evil Revelations for Vita too

Lord_Sloth3906d ago

Now why would you willingly want to cut out the original fanbase? That's just plain rude.

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PirateThom3906d ago

Monster Hunter 4 for Atari Lynx plox.

DaThreats3906d ago (Edited 3906d ago )

Monster Hunter 4 for the Sega Dreamcast please

ScubaSteve13906d ago (Edited 3906d ago )

monster hunter 4 for windows 95

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