New Black Ops 2 X-Ray killstreak may cause big problems

Product-Reviews writes: Is the X-Ray ACOG scope one of the early killstreaks unlocked for say 5 kills that will only last for less than a minute? Or is it one of the best killstreaks available that will be a permanent attachment to your weapon for the duration of the match? If this killstreak is put in the hands of a very good player, then all we’re gonna say is good luck because he or she is going to rack up a serious amount of kills.

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tr00p3r2333d ago

Sounds good, but needs to be a time-limited killstreak.

sinncross2333d ago

It would have to be timed, but even then it sounds like an annoying killstreak.

I understand COD rewards players who can keep chaining kills and that is perfectly fine, but some of the killstreak awards they have implemented only solidifies the team that player is on massively so sometimes to the point where a game is no longer competitive.

Rebalancing is definitely key and I hope they spend a lot of time on that.

andibandit2333d ago

no worries, some enemy will spawn right behind him and kill him within 10 seconds


I probably shouldn't even comment as I don't like it, but I'll risk a buble.

I don't get the whole killstreak thing... Want to reward the guy chaining kills? Good, give him more points, extra XP, a trophy if you want.

But don't go and give him something other players are not using. I don't care if it's just for a minute or not, it cuts the fun out of it.

Instead of compete to see who can kill more (which is not my style anyway, I prefer teamplay to achieve an objective, not the crazy deathmatch stuff) I feel just like I'm trying to reach 5 kill so the CPU starts killing everyone for me...

Even on COD4, which I played a lot and had less abusive killstreaks, a simple UAV would make me sick... I mean, it's useful against campers, but it also let me see where everyone was, many times I got guys that were indeed out smarting me, sneakly flanking my team or something else... They all died because a noob on their side decided to go Rambo and got shot on the neck giving me that 3rd/5th kill (I can't really remember). Any tactic or teamwork goes down the drain.

danswayuk2333d ago

I hope they get the balance of killstreaks correct this time around.

dark-hollow2333d ago

the more broken and cheap it is, the better.

CommonCent2333d ago

There could be a 10 killstreak tsunami that tacks 10 deaths to every member on the other team and people would still buy this game.

tr00p3r2333d ago

20 killstreak unlocks playable Robert Bowling with Treyarch tshirt

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The story is too old to be commented.