Castlevania LoS: Mirror of Fate 3DS Scans

Scans from the june issue of Nintendo Power regarding the new 2.5D title for Nintendo 3DS starring Trevor and Simon Belmont as they fight Gabriel Belmont turned Dracula.

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dark-hollow2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

slightly disappointed that it isnt 2D SOTN style castelvania.
oh well, this isnt the DS anymore.

Ahasverus2421d ago

It is a 2.5D SOTN style Castlevania, isn't that close enough? ;)

ChickeyCantor2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

Im sure the game will be far more shallow than the Metroidvania counterparts.
Music will probably be nothing to Michiru Yamane or Yuzo Koshiro work.


Have to see it for myself though.

Chrono2421d ago

It is dude, read the details. 3D graphics, 2D gameplay.

Hisiru2421d ago

Unfortunately, it looks like it's not like SOTN.

What dark-hollow really want is the map exploration + rpg elements from games like Super Metroid, SOTN etc and not just a 2D/sidescroller Castlevania game like Castlevania: The Dracula X.

But we will see.

Chrono2421d ago

@Hisiru The details confirm that the gameplay is metroidvania style. Anyway, a trailer will probably be released within the next few days.

LightofDarkness2421d ago

I too approached this news with disappointment, Hisiru, but the scans confirm that the game is based on the SOTN archetype with much deeper combat mechanics.

With the news that this game features Trevor and Simon, I have already had to change my pants twice.

Lord_Sloth2421d ago

The more I see and hear the more I detest Mercury Steam...They're butchering 1 of my favorite franchises!

All the characters look like they boiled their previous iterations down into raw protein and consumed them! This is ridiculous!

Lord_Sloth2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

And what the HELL is that THING you're trying to pass off as Simon Belmont!?

From his peck to his spine is as wide as my shoulder to shoulder! We could carve his ass up and feed Africa for 3 freakin months!!! ...if the warlords don't take him first...

fossilfern2421d ago

Yes! looking forward to this ! Though I was hoping it would be LoS2 for the PS3/360 but oh well this looks pretty well

Chrono2421d ago

Konami will probably reveal LoS2 during their pre-E3 show this Friday.

byeGollum2421d ago

there's nothing the devs can do to satisfy you people, you'd rather they make the same game over and over again. Either that or you're stuck in the past.

RyuX192421d ago

It's like they don't realize that Castlevania was done. Dracula died series over. The only way to extend the series is through a reboot. Lords of Shadow was great a little bit on the safe side but still great and these games actually look more like the original games.

I cannot wait to see more footage.

Lord_Sloth2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

They can satisfy me by simply going throughout the series as they had been. Jump around. Make more games with Shanoa or Simon within the same continuity. Don't have me fight Satan at the ending in a cloud G-String, that won't allow me to jump over any attacks, even a low sweeping maneuver in a game with screwed up mythology! Also, I'd prefer if Japan would stop Outsourcing their titles just to have a God of War clone filled with Roid driven characters with a 5 head shoulder span!

Dracula was Reincarnated as Soma Cruz and people were still seeking his power and trying to bring him back from the dead. However there are hundreds of years that had not been covered. Forgive this long time fan for not settling for anything less than the excellence I had come to expect from the series!

RyuX192420d ago

But Soma Cruz was a good guy. He also destroyed the Chaos within the Castle thus destroying the Castle for good. The second game felt weak and I really didn't care for it.

Order of Ecclesia was good but it had NOTHING to do with the Belmonts and their story. It was a like a Side Story that explained nothing plot wise and it didn't fit with the timeline.

Playing that game I knew they had nothing else to tell. I couldn't care less for characters that have nothing to do with the Belmonts.

Also what would be the point going back to characters like Simon or Trevor in the same continuity? All it will do is cause more retcons. Their stories were told and will now be retold in a different manner via reboot.

Some reboots are bad *cough*DmC*cough* and some reboots are good. Lords of Shadow was a good game, sure it shared elements of God of War, but guess what God of War share elements from other games as well. Lords of Shadow had flaws, but how they've set up the new series is interesting.

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