The All-Star Dev Team That Would Make The Best RPG Ever

In order to create the very best role-playing game of all time, we're going to need the industry's most talented individuals in the realm of story, world creation, and combat design.

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Laxman2423d ago

I was worried that the list would just be all wierd Japanese developers or something, but this is actually brilliant! Only thing, I wouldnt say Atlus for Combat Design. Judging by the recently released Dragon's Dogma, I would say Capcom would be best suited to combat, as the fighting in that game is amazing. Or CD Projekt RED.

NewMonday2423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

if turn based Atlus
if action then Tales devs or Tri-Ace

leveling pace/inventory management
tales devs, they seem to hit the sweet spot, always want to get in a fight because the next upgrade is just around the corner, the crafting system is also great

Atlus they are the best in this now

world creation

pre-Dragon Age Biowere, DA:O and Baldurs Gate are classics in this

Squar-Enix, this is the only thing they are good at now

CD Projekt, Witcher 2 had great looking characters and environments

last time a dream team workd on an RPG was Chrono Trigger, made up of the FF, DQ and Xenogears devs

Godmars2902422d ago (Edited 2422d ago )

Starting to think Bioware should be taken off such a list. replace them with Xenogears old crew, Monolith.

Square Enix shouldn't be let near a Barbie RPG in no way shape or form. Let alone something people would take seriously.