Bits Debate: Mixing It Up Over Remixes and Fair Use

Bits @ The New York Times, January 16, 2008:

If the issue behind the Bits debate this week about copyright and piracy in the digital age is how much control creators should have over what happens to their works, one of the key extensions to that question is the matter of fair use. Remixing is a key part of today's culture, as people use commercial music and video as the raw materials for their own creations. Not surprisingly, Rick Cotton, the general counsel of NBC, and Tim Wu, the professor at Columbia Law school see these issues rather differently. Be sure to read the many thoughtful comments submitted by Bits readers. Then add your own views too.

Wednesday's Question:

What is fair use in the digital age? How much can I remix, quote, make fun of, or summarize without infringing on a copyright?

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