Now and Then… The Dreamcast

With the Xbox 360 almost a year old, the Wii ready to wow us all and the PS3 gearing up for a stunted release across the globe between now and March, it's time for some nostalgia. RPGSite looks at the birth, life and death of Sega's ill-fated console and what lessons it could teach the big three today.

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Chewy 1015849d ago

I still have, and love my dreamcast. Every once in awhile I ask myself 2 things:
Why am I here?
Why did the Dreamcast die so soon?

The BS Police5849d ago

But I remember seeing the Ads on TV all the time, but I was addictd to my N64 back in those days!

OutpostCommand5849d ago

What the hell is this crap news story and what the hell does it have to do with PS3 ?
This could be applied to any upcoming console.
Pathetic news post.

bohemian 235848d ago

It was better than the PS3 is going to be, that's for sure!