Gamers angry today about a Sony patent from 2006

At the tail end of last week Sony found itself in the bullseye of gamer nerd rage again, this time because of a patent application uncovered by a forum user at NeoGAF. The patent application was for a technology that would pause gameplay in order to display an ad, then resume gameplay. Many gaming blogs picked up the story and the comments started pouring in, a good portion of which were from angry gamers cursing at Sony for their business practices.

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Akuma-2336d ago

that contact lens idea sounds amazing although i would rather motion capturing without it.

playstation is the future and the future is playstation

Dovahkiin2336d ago

That signature (or whatever you want to call it) is going to get you a lot of disagrees.

360GamerFG2336d ago

Mostly because it is retarded and also because nobody believes he buys half the games he says he intends to (every single sony game)

TekoIie2335d ago


Atleast he doesnt troll every Xbox article... You see what i did there?

That Sig is annoying and he puts it there to provoke people but he is a fanboy and so are you which means both of you would get a long... Arguing atleast.

smashcrashbash2336d ago

So people are getting angry about a patent from 2006 that was never implemented? I thought it was from 2011 so I thought that was why people were angry but from six years ago? I mean do gamers have any brains anymore at all?

People find so many of Sony's patents that have never seen the light of day to this point and people are getting mad over a six year old patent that they are not even sure they understand? I remember a time when people who played games had at least a personality and some sort of IQ but now I think people are becoming the poster children on how video games rot your brains.

I don't know what to make of the ramblings I hear on gaming sites. Someone was once talking about Sony calling them Fony and telling me he was a 40 year old man with a wife and kids. He is forty years old and still writing like an ignorant fanboy.

Silly gameAr2336d ago

Dude, people moan about the lamest things anymore. All someone has to do is say Sony or Playstation and people go into a hissy fit it seems.

b_one2336d ago

and another reason for that is incoming E3 and this itself is a reason to release mass sony hate wave

GribbleGrunger2336d ago (Edited 2336d ago )

bubbles to you, Smash

and B_one: spot on! this sort of thing happens before every large event when concerning Sony. it's the Fox news mentality.

yewles12336d ago

"So people are getting angry about a patent from 2006 that was never implemented?"

2006? This was way back in the PS1 days.

f7897902336d ago

You mean PS2?

They were probably considering it for the ps3 but decided it would make people mad and never implemented it.

PirateThom2336d ago

Yeah, patent is 1996...

So... this was another non-complaint?

G-Revolution2336d ago (Edited 2336d ago )

God forbid Sony, or anybody patents an idea and people take it as a proven fact of what's to come.

smashcrashbash2336d ago

Yeah, it makes sense Sony would patent something six years ago so they could implement it now /s.No, really that sounds really plausible.So let's jump to conclusions before we get any real facts and grab the pitchforks and torches before we even understand what is going on. Lynch mob mentality all the way.

TekoIie2336d ago

I think the point was that Sony HAD patented the idea. They never implemented it but its the possiblity but i doupt they'll bother with it now :)

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TheLyonKing2336d ago

So basically, people are going ape sh*t over an idea sony patented in 2006 right now even though the patent has never gotten past that stage.

Seriously? These big companies take out tons of patents each year just incase and the vast majority are never ever used.

Sanquine902336d ago

Bohoehoe , Do you think sony is so stupid to do this? I mean every company should know by now everyone hates commercials.. Television: Watching real tv 2 hours Commercials 2,5 hours

stephmhishot2336d ago

Haha, hilarious, just hilarious.

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