Our only look at Shin Megami Tensei IV from Famitsu this week

Get a first vague glimpse of Shin Megami Tensei IV from Famitsu this week.

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jc485732335d ago

I guess we were wrong the whole time that Strange Journey was the 4th SMT.

Inception2335d ago

Is it for 3DS only or other consoles (PS3, PSV, 360) will have it too?

Hisiru2335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

Only announced for the 3DS at the moment.

Inception2335d ago

Oh no...if it's 3DS only than i must buy 3DS to play this game. Not only that, i must buy Vita too for P4: Golden, Gravity Rush, and Soul Sacrifice. Darn! my wallet T_T

Hisiru2335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

If you love the series you should buy:
-Vita + P4: Golden
-3DS + Shin Megami Tensei IV
-DS + Strange Journey (which is also an amazing and addicting game)

Looks like you will have some money problems.

And Gravity Rush is a must buy, seriously.

belac092335d ago

oh yeah! im such an addict of all things SMT!