The Game Kinect Was Built For

On perusing the Xbox Live marketplace the other day I came across a playable demo for Capcom's upcoming release for the Xbox360 Kinect: Steel Battalion Heavy Armour (SBHA) which is due out a little under a month from now. In the game, you pilot a VT (Vertical Tank), or a Veet as the in-game characters refer to it, which is essentially a walking tank.

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Titanz2385d ago

This title could potential lead core games into the right direction (in relations to the Kinect device, of course).

-GametimeUK-2384d ago

I hope it is done right for all the Kinect users who deserve a title with a bit of substance. The problem is the Kinect (which like the wii and move) are too set in their ways and are perceived as casual toys. It is too hard to break that perception from the public and is much easier to roll with it. The Wii is a great example since it has brilliant games like Resi4, Mario Galaxy and Skyward Sword yet the whole console is dismissed by the majority because it is labelled a "casual console".

So I hope you all get the game you deserve, but I don't think it will have much of an impact on changing how motion gaming is portrayed even if it happens to be a brilliant game, which is unfortunate.

Genghis2384d ago

Omg I hate when people call mario, zelda, and other core nintendo games casual. They're so damn complex!

Lucretia2384d ago


I hope you were being sarcastic. there is zero depth in mario and zelda. well ok there is some, but its made for the casuals and Nostalgiac and hardcore nintendo fans.

the games aren't hard, the story is bare minimum and recycled every time if there is any story at all.

nothing complex at all.

are they fun? yes and thats what counts, but complex? hell no

hennessey862385d ago

Kinect haters won't like this one bit

Lucretia2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

wait? there are kinect lovers? I wonder what is their fav game ever then

neutralgamer192384d ago

Dance central, zumba fitness and kinect star wars so take that lol and voice recognition on skyrin that coukd have been accomplished on tge okd ps eye bwahhh

shinrock2384d ago

im one of them. me and my family and friends have ball playing kinect. at thats why we game, to have fun, right?

neutralgamer192384d ago

No itll be another killer app like kinect star wars was lol remember that game tht recieved similar headlines and comments lol kinect was touted to be a gaming revolution and has turned out to be the biggest gimmi k on gaming history lacking any games with substance.

m-s-8-22384d ago

I hope it involves catching a big red ball.

Biggest2384d ago

There's going to be a Heavy Armor dance mode. Kinect fans everywhere rejoice!