Australian sales charts, week ending 06/01/08

It's a new year, which means new charts! That's right, not a single game has managed to hold its place this week. The first change comes right at the top. It's a new number one, and it's called Singstar R n' B. The Simpsons Game for the Nintendo DS has made a chart comeback - and a good one at that, snaring the second spot. Third slot is held by Buzz: The Hollywood Quiz, while occupying fourth spot is another flippin' Singstar game, this time Pop Hits. The chart resurgence of the Nintendogs continued, with Chihuahua holding onto the fifth spot.

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Agent 884664d ago

The rabid Aussie fanbase has spoken, PS2 is the winner. Oh how they lay in wait for a price reduction of the glorious PS3........

v1c1ous4664d ago

the ps2 generation aint switching to ps3....or 360

wii got the casuals.

the sooner you accept this fact, the better your vg life will be.

Agent 884664d ago

I fought side by side with them in Afgan, Iraq, Qatar and Kuwait. They go with what works, for instance, the Steyr... They are not gonna pay ridiculous amounts of cash dollars for an M4 when the Steyr is just as good. These men are adamant on all things and know quality when they see it........

WilliamRLBaker4664d ago

i wish i had fought along side aussies in a war then id know their inner most minds *rolls eyes*

0pt1cK1ll3r4664d ago

the PS3 is $699 here in aus, at most places that is anyway, launch price was $1,000. Even when comparing the currency exchange at the time, you notice that an $100 or 2 is added on just so profit can be made but thats understandable people have to make money.

I got my PS3 at launch, but EB had a deal trade in PS2 along with 10 games. And yes PS2 is still popular and I do agree with vicious I wouldn't be surprised if some of the PS2 base has moved over to Wii.

And plus developers are still making PS2 games, so maybe thats why there awaiting a major move to go PS3.