Manga’s anime app hits Xbox Live

Manga's new app brings streaming of various free full length anime series & movies from the Manga Entertainment catalogue to Xbox 360.

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Megaton2384d ago

I was really surprised at how much I loved Gurren Lagann when I saw it a couple years ago. It has a lot of elements that I really don't like in anime, but I think it all works because of the extremely fast pace the show runs at.

Lucretia2384d ago

the show was good until episode 6. then the show just went to WTF mode and completely sucked.

I love ridiculous stuff but robots that are so big they throw galaxies at each other as weapons? doesn't make ANY sense, wasnt cool or anything. the gravity from the robot should have killed everyone onboard.

it was just stupid.

Tres212383d ago

yea i been tryin 2 get my friends 2 check it out since i watched it personally i wit Megaton on this 1 i loved it...i even teared up a lil i aint sayin i cried lik a punk but...ok i cried lik a

TheLyonKing2384d ago

That will be a nice boost to my 360, not been getting a whole lot of use atm but with this I will be watching a lot of stuff.

Speaking on manga when the hell is funimation going to renew the contraxt for one piece and get recording, I can't read subbed cause it distracts me.

Lucretia2384d ago

i hate subs too, but now thats all i mostly watch. if i didnt then i would miss great shows like fate/zero, black rock shooter and carnival phantasm.

since bandai,geneon, adv all stopped doing anime or just closed all we are left with is funimation and Sentai works, and sentai works has porn quality dubs so thats out of the question.

it sucks, all those companies crashed and burned because they over charged. Funimation and sentai are the only ones to get the prices right by releasing the whole series for a good price instead of 6-8 dvds for a 24 episode show -_-

AsunaYuukiTheFlash2384d ago


blackstrr4112384d ago

Watching manga in english freaks me out. The voice actors are terrible. I can't imagine someone shouting "Gomu Gomu nooo" in english hahahah thatl be like "Rubber Rubber". I hope there's gonna be english subtitles

GraveLord2384d ago

If you start watching it in english, you'll never go back.

BTW, "Gomu Gomu" in english is "Gum Gum".