DmC: Devil May Cry Preview |

While in the offices of our good friends at THQ recently, previewer Greg Newbegin got his hands on the Devil May Cry (DmC) code that was on show at Captivate 2012. He thought he’d post some brief impressions.

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DragoonsScaleLegends2333d ago

This game is set in the past of dante but then why does he have more moves in the past than in the future. But at least they will explain why his hair turns white.

DivineAssault 2333d ago

its still a reboot tho so they can play with alot more options.. i cant get over how weak Dante looks now tho

Madcapsules2333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

Yeah, it's a reboot, not a prequel - post has been edited to reflect this.