TGSN / Starhawk - Review

Incognito’s 2007 PSN shooter Warhawk was exactly the kind of exclusive title Sony needed to establish their emerging online network as a true competitive force. It may have lacked system selling gravitas, but there was an undeniable charm to this game that bet big on delivering a solid multiplayer over and above any narrative ambitions. The Hawks themselves were a unique and identifiable selling point, whilst frequent updates and expansions ensured that the online community would thrive. A sequel seemed like a no brainer, but has a change in developer and the addition of a solo campaign led follow up Starhawk to veer too far away from what made its spiritual predecessor so enticing?

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sandman2242426d ago

I just bought this crap game and I dislike it so much I'm going to trade it in at best buy for 15 bucks. No wonder why they give you free dlc, because no one would pay for it when they realize that Santa monica made a bad choice with going with the build and battle junk.

Ducky2426d ago

... Santa Monica?

LightBox were the main devs. SantaMonica just kinda helped along... but they have a hand in practically every PS3 exclusive to begin with.