Microsoft’s E3 presser to include Capcom, EA, Harmonix, Square Enix, THQ, and Ubisoft reveals

Microsoft’s Xbox E3 media briefing next week will include “world premieres” from Capcom, EA Sports, Harmonix, Square Enix, THQ, and Ubisoft, GameTrailers TV host Geoff Keighley has said in a new promo clip.

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DigitalRaptor2336d ago

If there are some huge third party multiplatform reveals at Microsoft's presser do you reckon people will count it as good contending?

Not sure about that. I think they'll need more personally.

Square Enix?? Versus XIII is looming!


Capt-FuzzyPants2336d ago

I really really really really really really hope that it's that Valiant Saga game or even anything else besides Versus.

koehler832336d ago (Edited 2336d ago )

It's probably Tomb Raider or Hitman related. Likely both, actually. Oh and Sleeping Dogs.

FFvXIII is a myth. It will remain platform exclusive. That platform is Vaporware.

SuperLupe2336d ago

Square Enix ... ah ha ha this could be anything From Tomb raider/Hitman to something a bit more ... juicy.

TheLyonKing2336d ago (Edited 2336d ago )

just cause 3 is what came to mind or more likely Tomb Raider?

EDIT* or sleeping dogs!

there is very little info on versus right now to warrent an E3 viewing yet thats more TGS. When ff 13 was revealed at MS E3 there was a lot more info at hand.

Kingdom Come2336d ago

Who said the games where multiplatform? Ubisoft have appeared at Microsofts Press Conferences several times and with Kinect being an implementation of all future Tom Clancy titles their relationship is growing stronger. I wouldn't be surprised if it was console exclusivity of Splinter Cell 6.

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360GamerFG2336d ago

Versus XIII. . .I'd LOL so hard. The internet would break due to sudden rise in salt water. . .you know, because tears taste like salt water. . .and water breaks electronic stuff and . . .ah never mind!

refocusedman2336d ago

Uhhhhhhh............. Sorry to break the news to you but, I highly doubt anyone cares that much abt versus anymore. The last time I checked, the most recent reveal abt the game was maybe 3 yrs ago. Final fantasy no longer has the same clout as it did a few years back.

Capt-FuzzyPants2336d ago

The most recent reveal was actually last January. And yes the game is still on many people's radar.

refocusedman2335d ago

I don't really count reveals as screenshots. Where's the playable demo? I'm sorry but I can't get excited for a game that's development time outlasted the Wii and probably won't be available the time the Wii u is launched. U have new hardware being rumored and ff was announced at the beginning of the current generation. I'm sorry but that's just ridiculous.

Pandemic2336d ago

Hopefully they don't announce timed exclusives with DLC...

Brosy2335d ago

Why? MS has proven that timed exclusivity is just as valuable as an exclusive. Atleast ps3 fanboys would have something to look forward to. Or would you rather MS just gobble up a bunch of third party exclusives? Exclusives dont sell well enough on the PS3 to amount to anything. However MS has moved quit a few consoles with timed exclusivity and DLC from popular 3rd party software.

D3mons0ul2336d ago

Square Enix still in bed with microsoft? Motivation for Nomura to leave and start his own company.

Capt-FuzzyPants2336d ago

Or join where the rest of old SE went. Monolith and Mistwalker.

DaThreats2336d ago (Edited 2336d ago )

WTF is Capcom and especially SE still doin with MS?
Yeah iwas thinking they were just gna show off Tomb Raider, so thats better. But Tomb Raider is more associated with the PS brand and sells more with that system. Still wrong.
RE6 should have the same treatment on both consoles. Stop this BS already, also RE is also more associated with the PS brand as well.
Cmon wtf are these Japanese companies doing?
They are so retarded.
The only smart ones I see now are Koonami

Mikefizzled2336d ago

Square want to show off Tomb Raider as it was at E3 2011. And Capcom are there are they are buddying up with MS over Resident Evil 6. As Xbox get the demo a month early I think.

Prophet1122336d ago

Capcom is probably going to show off Steel Battalion for Kinect.

OneAboveAll2336d ago

Let's hope this means some exclusive games from those companies!

Uncharted2Vet2336d ago

exclusive demos and timed exclusive DLC is what you'll get from those companies. bet that

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