Sometimes It Isn’t About How You Got Hacked So Much As How The Company Responds

Hacking woes on Diablo 3 have plagued a friend of ours. It isn't so much how he was hacked, though. It is the fact that Blizzard's customer service has done nothing to help him after giving him a time table for a fix. His personal account of the issue reveals some iffy customer service.


We have added an update as the person talked about in the article was able to get through to customer service just an hour ago.

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killerhog2427d ago

Watch out, the blizzard damage control squad, who blizzard pays $100 to say it was the victims fault, will be here shortly. Oh.. Wait.. Theyre just fanboys, they're doing it for free. Well there was another article of a journalist being hacked as well. People with authenticators are also getting hacked.

kevnb2427d ago (Edited 2427d ago )

I see a few random blogs like this here on N4G, but not a mention of it anywhere else. I think some people are just trolling because they cant play offline.
edit: disagree if you want, but its always these litte random blogs ive never heard of that im supposed to just trust.

admiralthrawn872427d ago

some might be trolling but this problem is real. I love diablo 3 and WoW, and i was hacked yesterday, still can't play. Have never visited a gold site or given my email to anybody, it was just hacked. There are some huge security issues with this game and i hope they fix them. I just started on Nightmare difficulty too which was exciting.

kevnb2427d ago

was the game hacked or where you keylogged? Keyloggers are hot after accounts.
They were doing the same to steam accounts, but valve makes you verify every time you log into a new pc now. The way it works is that they infect the users pc and gain access that way.

h311rais3r2427d ago

Thing is, I say this time and time again -.-, is hackers gonna hack regardlreplied safety protocols. they will always find a way past security no matter what is put in place.

maniacmayhem2427d ago

This seems to be the same level of hacking that is going on with Xbox. Passwords getting stolen through other sites.

Yet we don't see the same N4G trolls spouting nonsense on here like we do the ones on the Xbox articles. Makes little sense...

Actually it makes a lot of sense.