The Next Tribes? GarageGames Unveils Fallen Empire: Legions - First Screens

Want another Tribes game? It's looking like Fallen Empire: Legions might scratch that itch, a title by GarageGames, a company founded by four ex-Dynamix (Starsiege: Tribes developer) employees. Fallen Empire appears to be at least somewhat similar to Tribes, mostly because of its visual style and because it apparently has jetpacks. It'll be made available through InstantAction, a service that lets players play 3D action games in web browser. IGN didn't have a chance to play, but did get the opportunity to lob a few questions at Tim Aste, project director for Fallen Empire: Legions to get a basic sense of what the game is and how how it will work.

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TheIneffableBob4665d ago

The leaked trailer looked pretty cool, and I love the gameplay of Tribes. I'm definitely keeping an eye on this one.

xionpunk4664d ago

Tribes 2 was a lot of fun. Hope this one is similar.