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NYC_Gamer2330d ago

Hmm....MS is being honest so at least we know to expect 3rd party reveals....

EVILDEAD3602330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

Micrsoft is smart..why compete with the biggest multiplats when you can show them on your stage.

Micrsoft literally has the luxury again of having the biggest exclusive of the year.

Let's face it..the entire Xbox Live install base will be playing Halo 4 and Black Ops 2 from November until Grand Theft Auto 5 shows up.

Might as well simply promote the major exlcusives, The huge multiplats, Kinect, Live, XBLA, and announce 720.

Halo 4 will dominate this year and Bungie's MMO will dominate next year..just cruise into the sunset..

@ King..I said H4 will dominate as the biggest exclusive of the year. BO2 will be the biggest game of the year period..


Kingnichendrix2330d ago

Halo 4 wont dominate this year, it will be COD again seems cod has been doing it year after year no matter what games come out.

darthv722330d ago

for promoting 3rd party games more so than exclusives. I am glad they do that. they have done a great job of building 3rd party relations. It is the 3rd parties that are the majority of game developers/publishers.

Without them then you really have nothing. MS has treated the 360 like Windows. Building a platform that is there for any developer to want to make software for it.

Oddly enough, they have really taken a page from Sony and how sony built up relations when they were new to this market so many years ago.

MrMister2330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

@ darthv72 and EvilDead360: Yeah, but those same exclusives are on PS3, while the PS3 will be showing over 20 extra exclusives. I don't know if MS was being "smart", I just think they had no 1st party's to show (except Halo) so they gave us filler (via 3rd party) which can be already found on PS3, and soon to come on Wii-U. Man, u Xbox guys make any excuse to support MS, even though they wallet-shank you with Xbox live, give u no new games to actually play on it (the number 1 played game on live is MW2--lol), and instead they use your hard earned money to make apps instead of new games. Yeah, MS sure is "smart"--at taking your money, and running with it lol. No matter my personal feelings on MS, it's just a fact that their screwing their customers over.

As for MS treating 3rd party's well--I don't think so. Sony has shown more love, and has stretched the boundaries for their rules, to allow games that otherwise would have been rejected due to the rules--like the free mmoFPS coming out for ps3 this year called DUST 514 and it's cross platform online connection to PC's EvE online. Something that the idiots at MS still refuse to allow on their platform (even though EvE runs on Windows -_-). Plus I don't see ANY 3rd party exclusives/company's that were so impressed with MS, that they walked away from Sony or Nintendo. MS hasn't been getting any special love or treatment from 3rd party's, no matter how much MS tries to get in bed with them (aka paying them). Nobody loves a tramp for long.

PshycoNinja2330d ago

Honestly, while I respect the effort put into it, I never really get excited or "enjoy" watching the Microsoft press conference. The last time I enjoyed watching their conference was when they demoed Spliter Cell Conviction. Now that was a good game.

jimbobwahey2330d ago

I think at this point most people view the Microsoft E3 conferences as part one of the Sony conference more than anything.

ApolloAdams2330d ago

I am most excited for Microsoft press conference out of all the other three somehow. I guess I'm a sucker for third party games I guess.

And HALO 4!!! I haven't been this excited for a release since Starcraft.

AgreeFairy2330d ago

Everybody is a sucker for Kinect.

Hope Microsoft won't show a bunch of boring games like Halo 4 and focus on fun games like Kinectimals 2 instead.

cstyle2330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

That's because third party have the best games but no one want's to admit it. Where would this industry be without them?

ShinraE52330d ago

Hopefully they surprise us with an exclusive or two out of that group.

I can see harmonix producing a kinect game for them.

But personally, I am hoping to see a teaser trailer for Fable 4 (proper fable), and hopefully a killer instinct revival

Felinox2330d ago

A reinvented Kinect Rock Band where your character onscreen follows your actions while you rock out. Style point combos. Online competitive play in this style would be super fun.

Patriots_Pride2330d ago

I would sh!t my pants if a DANCE CENTRAL 3 is announced and they show gamplay!!!!

Dance Central just keeps getting better and better.

allyc4t2330d ago

I'm excited for E3 in general. Who cares which company has the best conference? It's exciting to see all the new stuff that's coming out.

iNFAMOUZ12330d ago

show me l4d3 microsoft and the whole world will love your show!!!

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