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MattyG2424d ago

Wow, this is easier to read than's review, and this is google translate!

GribbleGrunger2424d ago

how the HELL can a games reviews vary so drastically. you have a 20/100 and an 88/100. reviews are officially redundant

WeskerChildReborned2424d ago

It's basically if you still enjoy it and don't really notice the cons.

svoulis2424d ago

The only reason I can see it being the case is most of these "journalist" are grading the game AS IF it were a console game and not a handheld game. Yes there will be limitations, no it wont be as polished as a 60 dollar game. Hell Uncharted on Vita is amazing in every way, but you have to pay an extra 10 dollars for it.

If you ask me (and I own the game) It is good fun. Nothing new but feels good to have a dedicated FPS on my Vita with working MP.

IF I were to grade this game, it would be on the merits of a handheld comparison only. I would give it a 7 out of 10 just like this reviewer.

Most reviewers if you read compare it to Resistance 3 and the likes, which to me is just stupid.

Controls do take some getting use to though.

TF_PtMaster2424d ago

I agree.

When i started to write the review i had Resistance 3 as a reference, but then i deleted everything, this is a Vita Game not a PS3 Game. I can't compare tecnical features to any other game on PS3.

I respect other reviewers, but i can't agree for example with some of them.

Patriots_Pride2424d ago

Or maybe because not everyone like the same thing.

Hey I love Pepsi but some people prefer dare they.

mushroomwig2424d ago

The reviews all pretty mixed, luckily I'm already a big fan of the Resistance games so I'm going to play it regardless of what people score it.

neutralgamer192424d ago

Im playing it now dontbelieve bs low scores...

Visuals-7.5, guns look awesome. Level visuals arent bad, but not great
Audio-6.5-gun sounds leave alot to desire
Controls-9.0-loving controls minus some touch screen annoyances
Gameplay-8.5-feels like resistance to me and plays like it
Fun factor-8.5-having a blast
Mp-have yet to try it

cpayne932424d ago (Edited 2424d ago )

After reading a lot of reviews, the game sounds more like a 7.5 than anything else. People criticize it for doing nothing special, but it doesn't sound like it does anything wrong. Just sounds "good" to me, not great and not bad.

I've looked at gameplay, and I love resistance so I'll get it. I do think it could have been a lot better if it was in a different developers hands.

neutralgamer192424d ago

Trust me sp is fun and overall good game. Im about to jump in mp now ill let you know how that goes.

cpayne932424d ago

Ha ha good stuff. I'll play the demo before I get it of course.

godzilla722424d ago

Yea, just picked it up too and have to completely agree with your scores there. You pretty much nailed it! Great little handheld fps. Around an hour into it and digging it. First level seemed a little bland, but the tight controls and gameplay make up for it! Good purchase!