Is Link Too Feminine?

While The Legend of Zelda's Link has never strayed into ultra-androgynous territory, a lot of people seem to have the impression that he's a bit too feminine. Could Link do with a medieval epic hero makeover?

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NYC_Gamer2334d ago

Hmm...many Japanese created franchises have feminine looking male characters

Hisiru2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

Well... I called him Zelda for so many years and then people corrected me.

banjadude2332d ago

lol, you and me both! I felt like an idiot when I found out the truth (luckily, I read about it on a forum, and not being corrected in person!).

Hisiru2331d ago

People laughed at me (a LOT)... I was corrected in person (very sad moment in my life) and I never called him Zelda again.

guitarded772334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

In Japan, androgynous characters are the norm. I saw a news story not too long ago about how many young men in Japan try to make themselves appear more feminine. I wonder if video game and anime characters have been a source of influence for this transition? Oh, but is Link too fem? Maybe a little for Western culture. I don't think he needs to be Marcus Fenix or Kratos, but maybe a bit less doe eyed.

Solid_Snake372333d ago

Maybe you're right. The norm for western culture male characters are brutish grunts etc

Shok2334d ago

Lol, there's articles about EVERYTHING these days. I lol'd when I read the title.

Gen0ne2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

About everything? Or absolutely nothing? Some of the journalists/writers/bloggers need to have their internet passes revoked. So, by the headshot and caption it think its safe to infer that this author doesn't particularly like Japanese character art style.
And as far as the "medieval epic hero make over" is concerned, the older, MUCH more feminine Dante wants his old look back. That's a westernized makeover as well... so, no.

jc485732334d ago

is like saying "are elves too feminine?"

NovusTerminus2334d ago

Well then, outsource it to the westerners. They have a habit of screwing up a franchises art direction!

ChickeyCantor2334d ago

Dante envy...I can smell it from your avy.

NovusTerminus2334d ago

DMC, Castlevania, Lost Planet... Pick a franchise, westerners design things allot different. I am just against changing designs just to just to appeal to a 'bigger' crowd.

Not just Dante exclusively, its any franchise that changes it's style for no reason.

ChickeyCantor2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

I was just kidding.
Cause I don't like the fact Castlevania on the 3DS is not a 2D game but a spin-off( or something a like) from LoS. Mirrors of Faith.

( I probably like it in some way, but no more awesome music as we know them from the past)


From the screenshots, it's not 2d. I dont need that fake 2.5 d nonsense. Also the music will be nothing near the music of the previous games. The game will probably be shorter and much more shallow.

Lord_Sloth2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

Such astounding detective skills. You must teach me your powers of observation!

Seriously though, it is 2D, just in 3D graphics. Regardless I will not support MSteam!

dark-hollow2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

if western devs got hold of him, he would look smoething like this:

Lord_Sloth2334d ago

I love reading your posts on here, dude! You need more bubs!

VanillaBear2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )


Most of the time he's a troll and comes out with a load of crap...oh but thats not before he twists your words when he's replying to a comment he dosen't agree with...Mr "I'm the goody two shoes who plays all sides so people will more likely to give me bubbles" no...he dosen't need more bubbles.

Don't encourage trolls on this site, no wonder most trolls on this site have like 5-6 bubbles

Sonyslave32334d ago

Yo that manly link look awesome look like Thor.

And Dante 1-3 is way more feminine then link

EcoSos32334d ago

True some western devs like to make characters more muscle heads style.

DivineAssault 2334d ago

LMAO! thats a bit extreme.. children arent interested in the opposite sex right away so nintendo always makes the male heroes shy and scared of women even though theyre grown ass men.. they aint like kratos getting it in on every game lol

MoveTheGlow2334d ago

Dark-hollow, that picture is the only redeeming thing regarding the time I wasted reading this article! That's awesome.

BubloZX2333d ago

If he looked like that he'd have no problem getting it in Zelda thats for sure. She always tease his ass but in the end she probably just sees him as more of a gay brother in the games where they know eachother.

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user54670072334d ago

"The Awkward moment when you go to hit on a girl in Mercay Tavern and it turns out to be a bloke"

<Tingle Likes This>

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