E3 2012: Another let down?

We’re getting closer to “Gamings’ Superbowl”…E3 to be exact and strangely enough it’s quiet — almost too quiet.

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bolbgt2386d ago

People need to stop approving articles from random sites that write controversial articles to attract visitors.

EVILDEAD3602386d ago

Not even close..This will be the best E3 ever until the atomic bomb that drop's next year.

Halo 4..Last Guardian..Nintendo with their backs against the wall are about to come out swinging..

I've been an E3 fan since the days where you could only read about it.

Can't wait for this one.


Cybermeerkat2386d ago

What about Sony there probably going to be the best with there massive exclusive line up of games.

PshycoNinja2386d ago

But....... E3 hasn't even started yet.....

Scholla2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

Why I gotta b random? lmbooo. Everybodies random in the beginning right? Insults could've been excluded.

I'm just expressing my thoughts on what I viewed from past E3's, it's not meant to be controversial.

Hicken2385d ago

I wouldn't say random, but there ARE some issues.

You say it's been disappointing, but don't say WHAT. There are events- the Vita price reveal, the Wii U- that most people would point to as big; none of those meant anything to you, but you don't say WHY they were underwhelming for you.

And then there's the title. ESPECIALLY with opinion pieces, you should tread carefully with the title. As I said before, the past few E3s have been impressive to various people on various fronts; your title is pretty much telling everybody they're wrong. Then they read the article, and you don't tell them WHY they're wrong(which directly relates to you saying WHY the things that got them excited didn't do the same for you).

Plus there's still time. We know a lot of what we're gonna see from the console makers, especially, but I'm certain there are still all sorts of secrets yet to be revealed.

Scholla2384d ago

I didn't say what? I went into tremendous detail, even breaking down conference by conference on the trends that are being set that takes away from the show. All the while still acknowledging that E3 is still "special".

Vita was cool but that's enough to make the overall show "special". As far as the Wii U ppl were confused as to even what the Wii U was as well as it's capabilities as a hardcore machine.

As far as the title 1)I know 100% of the people won't agree, that's is why I preference it as a question. I even ask if you agree at the end of the article 2)Apart from my own feelings, the irony is I got alot of the disappointed energy straight from the gaming community -- alot of "that's it!" was going on last year.

I also recognize there is still time this is more of the "past predicting the future" type of article than I feel this E3 will definitely suck. I hope to God it doesn't suck, but with the next generation around the corner (something I also addressed) will they put the energy in necessary to make and incredible show who knows?

trenso12386d ago

another let down? i wasnt let down these past few years pardon a few exceptions, like the showing of kinect and that weird light show the guy was doing or the showing of wiiU. but other that those i love watching E3 every year.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2386d ago

Agreed (on most cases) I was not let down by last E3.

Sure, I want to see and know all- but if I did know ALL what's the point of E3?

I thought all 3 were good shows.

PS: The only reason why WiiU was a disappointment to many people is because many so-called "Experts" could not figure-out if it was a handheld or a console (SMH). Don't know why we knew the difference, if the so-called "EXPERTS" couldn't figure it out.

trenso12386d ago

No they are all good shows don't get me wrong and yea I honestly thought the wiiu was only that controller until they showed a picture of it. I love watching the big 3 I don't even own an Xbox or ever plan to. But I can't help but get excited from watching every show.

DivineAssault 2386d ago

well since we pretty much have seen MOST of what theyre going to show, i can agree to an extent.. unless the companies show something that wasnt already leaked out, we know what 80% of E3 is about already.. Nintendo has some secrets & sony MIGHT have a few but microsoft probably wont.. some features, maybe some kinect krap & halo 4 will be their highlights

ginsunuva2386d ago

If the rest of the media keeps creating retarded rumors and excessive hype, then yes

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2385d ago

=-o What you mean? X-Box 720 is not a sentient being and PS4 won't give me the power to fly?

Ha, Ha, at least the WiiU cures the common cold. Have fun with your sniffles Sony fanboys...

Have fun with the Hype, but don't believe it...

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