Wii60 - The Breakup

Well, it looks like the Wii60 Romance is all but over folks...

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Islandkiwi5850d ago

I know Nintendo doesn't want to see itself playing second fiddle...but Moore's right.

Silverwolf5849d ago

I agree, while the wii seems nice. It just doesn't stand out as a real competitor. I really think the wii-mote would get boring after a while. Unless of course they come out with a game where I can use it to spank some playboy bunny's ass with it. Then I'm in!

Zipperdog5849d ago

But I'd doubt I'd use it much playing alone.

zypher5849d ago (Edited 5849d ago )

Moore's dead wrong. Nintendo just realized that Microsoft was trying to use them to de-thrown Sony with that Wii60 garbage, and Nintendo said no thank you. now to save face Moore (the orchestrator of Wii60) is trying to say that Nintendo will play second fiddle. no one knows who will come out on top. but though i already own a 360, my money is that Microsoft, at best, will come in second like last time.

Marriot VP5849d ago

Okay your saying because Nintendo rejected Microsofts Wii60 IDEA, Moore's smearing the Wii. Microsoft wants the Wii to do well regardless because it will divide Japan; You don't make any sense.

Oh also here's the funniest part, you say Moore is dead wrong but whats your reasoning.

"no one knows who will come out on top"

And than you go on to say that the 360 won't be number one. YOUR HILARIOUSLY OBLIVIOUS. You say the Wii won't be number 2 because no one knows who will come out on top, than you go on to say that Sony or Wii will beat the 360.

That is a class A, stupid comment

zypher5849d ago

dude, i'm not here to get into some heated, name-calling debate with you and your precious 360, because quite honestly i find the idea of debating the viability of a console whose success or failure isn't gonna effect me one iota to be ridiculous. "my money is that, at best, Microsoft will come in second" doesn't negate no one knowing who will's simply my guess as to what will happen, much like Moore guessed that the Wii will be a second console. my reasoning for saying Moore is dead wrong is the manner in which he chose to save face. a couple of months ago he was saying how the Wii was all that...the console everyone was supposed to purchase along with the 360 (his method of trying to smear Sony's face in the mud), and how Nintendo was innovative, creative and the way of the future. a couple of months ago the Wiimote was the most brilliant, fun and fantastic idea to come out of videogaming. now all of a sudden "It's fun for a few minutes, but I'm not sure (how long that will last)." Microsoft doesn't WANT Nintendo to succeed, they'd just rather Nintendo succeed before Sony, because Sony poses the greater threat to Microsoft overall. that was their whole aim with Wii60. it backfired, and now Moore is trying to save face in light of Nintendo's abrupt dismissal of Wii60. whats funny is how 360 fanboys are just as quick to agree with him now as they did when he started this whole Wii60 mess.

Islandkiwi5849d ago

Wii is a second fiddle console. You think 360 will come in second, obviously to the ps3...but that's not the point I'm making. The ps3 and 360 are on pretty even footing, and the Wii, while it will be a fun game system to own, will likely be most people's second console.

First, second, third...who cares? Let's hope they all do well and stay in business.

Marriot VP5849d ago

This is what I've been saying since nintendo chose to use a remote, or wiimote.

Actually the Wii will be a 2nd string console at best, but a 3rd string console probably. Now I know the people who are going to respond with fanboyism. But you've got to lay that aside, the public views nintendo as a console for kids, and it is. They've got repetative mascots of cartoon characters. I loved my n64, and super nintendo when I was young. But this is now, and this is the future. I don't hold on to nintendo like the adult nostalgic fans, most of these guys you can find in comic book stores(simpsons).

The 360 price drop is months away, probably bring the core down to match the Wii at 250. That's just the way it works when your console ships a year earlier.

I'm sorry to say but the way things are unfolding is gonna force the Wii to do as good as the gamecube in terms of units sold. And Nintendo will stop making consoles because of it, that's what they said anyways.

Sphinx5849d ago

So what? I am going to own a Wii... I won two DS's (one for me, one for my wife) and I love 'em. Who cares if the majority of games can be classified as kiddy? Videogames in general can be classified as a kids' thing. Oh, and I love hanging out in comic stores.

TheMART5849d ago

It's still the same with me

PS3: 600 Euro and it has nothing to add on the ultimate gaming experience -->

360 Premium: 400 Euro
Add to it a Wii for 250 Euro including one 50 euro game. And you'll have two consoles for about 600 Euro, what the PS cost and a game add on to 650 Euro.

Now that's still a Wii60 or a PS to me. And I'd rather have two consoles with one being king above the PS3 and the other just for movement fun which the PS tried to copy but failed miserably

kingboy5849d ago (Edited 5849d ago )

hiding behind the Wii`s name hasn`t really done much justice has it? no one was buying that [email protected] anyway.His always talking about other consoles more than his own.

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