Two New MotorStorm Tracks Tomorrow; Pricing Correction

Felice Standifer, Sr. US Producer of MotorStorm, writes on the PlayStation.Blog:

"Hey racing fans, the wait is over and we are excited to alert you to some new MotorStorm downloadable content that will be available this Thursday, January 17th. I want to take this opportunity to correct some mis-information currently floating around the web regarding pricing of the content. This latest Track Pack, to be available on the PlayStation Store tomorrow, will be priced at $2.99."

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BlackIceJoe4668d ago

It is nice to see more MotorStorm stuff but I really want Evolution studios to work more on the second one.

xplosneer4668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

If they add split screen it will be good as Motorstorm 2.

BTW I noticed this because I played Motorstorm and those two were in the online lobby but grayed out.

FamilyGuy4668d ago

Am i seeing paved street? Motorstorm is suppose to be an "off-road" racer



i hope the 2nd one is MP only.

Amnesiac4668d ago

motorstorm kicks ass...Ill dl this tomorrow.

cant wait for the second one.

Antiomo4668d ago

But I will only download if it is free or you can buy it on physical disc to install.

I wish they can release warhawk exp on a physical disc.

kspraydad4667d ago

you burn it to your own dics then?

It makes NO sense to distribute monthy or bimonthy updates via disc.

name4668d ago

I guess 2 million isn't enough for them. They just want more and more of our money >:0 Shame on you evolution. Just make motorstorm 2 already.

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