Video-Game Industry Takes Regulation Fight to Washington

Citizen Link writes:

Parents fear political action committee will sway lawmakers.

Increasingly violent video games now are adding sexual themes. And the video-game industry is fighting any restrictions on content.

The Entertainment Software Association is bringing major video-game publishers together to form a political action committee. The group will fund candidates who are friendly to its goals - no regulation "in any form."

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cjp4eva4663d ago

people complain about games and their violence and sex related themes, but the thing they dont realize is that if a game is rated M it means, kids below 17 should not be playing them. But then you see all this kids playing M rated games and parents complaining, please read the F*CKING rating before you buy a game and complain about it.

ban fans4663d ago

A rated M game is the equivalent of a rated R movie. I have yet to see anything in a game that comes close to the sex and/or violence portrayed in movies like Friday the 13th, Saw, Porky's and the like.

It is very difficult to get it through these peoples thick heads that games are not just for children.

And I love the comment on "common-sense legislation". Since when did censorship become common sense?

jessupj4663d ago

Think heads indeed. I hate these people. They annoy the crap out of me more than 8 year old fanboys.

We do have regulation in the games industry.... it's called the ratings system.